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bbh x kty ♡  about, for & only baekyeon 「edits/moments/misc」

#baekyeon invented red🤡♥️

okay but they’re so cute and i’m weak. anyway, i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend‼️


bc we all need positive vibes rn👌🏼
note to self: don’t entertain fools.

the cheapest #baekyeon moment in the same frames🤧

[STATION 0] trailer #baekyeon

the duet we want but will never have😪

excuse me??? the queen is jamming to cbx - horololo 💀💀 i’m suddenly alive???

[rough edit] #baekyeon at smt osaka💖

[interview] YSNEAKERS x ASTELL&ASPR x #baekyeon 👟

they both posted about it so i guess it’s my turn 🤭 also, D3 until SMT in osaka!!

everyone’s reaction to his recent vid🤦🏻‍♀️ excuse the quality💀


result of binge-watching cbx’s reality.
i have officially lost the plot lmao 👀

〰️so̶m̶e̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ne̶w̶〰️
album release 2018.06.19🎧✨

happy 4th anniversary to my fav duo!
lets hope one day this will be reality😪
#baekyeon #0619

who do you think is a better driver? 🤭

privé x #baekyeon 🖤

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