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Bronx Martial Arts Academy  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu | Karate | Muay Thai Classes for Men, Women & Children Twitter: @BxMartialArts #TeamRenzoGracie #TeamShotojuku Bronx, NY


We'll be there all week 12pm - 7pm!

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Getting to know Bayside with these guys. If you are in the area, stop and say hi.

Many have a dream few make it a reality .....he is an inspiration to all those that have been down and risen to hunt and saccrife through shear hard work to achieve something that seamed impossible to others but never to him or his team... @bxmartialarts & @renzograciebayside sponsored athlete @jaredflashgordon enters the octagon tonight in Oklahoma City making his #ufc debut on #ufcfightpass!!!!
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Talented individuals versus a squad: So often in jiu jitsu we see the emergence of extremely talented individuals who for a time dominate their division. It is natural to ask how they came to acquire their world conquering skills and try to learn from them. As impressive as the emergence of great individuals may be, much more impressive is the emergence of a talented GROUP of individuals. Some people have such special characteristics that their success may be due to them as individuals rather than the program in which they developed. When you see a gym put out a team of talent, clearly something special is happening. The Gracie Barra headquarters in Rio of the early 1990's is a great example. So many fine athletes and instructors came out of that environment that it is very clear that the program was of the very first quality. Thus when I asses the health of a given training program, I do not do so on the basis of its best individual, but on the average level of its people, particularly the emerging kohai (junior) students. This is particularly true when I look at the skills emphasized by a given team. Sometimes an athlete will emerge from a given school with an outstanding technique, say a juji gatame armbar. If no one else in the gym has an impressive juji, one could surmise that the athlete learned it in an idiosyncratic fashion as an individual, rather than in a SYSTEMATIC fashion as a SQUAD. THE CLEAREST EVIDENCE OF A SYSTEMS BASED APPROACH TO LEARNING AND TEACHING IS REPLICATION - can many athletes across skill level, weight division, age, sex etc utilize the skills to attain victory. The emergence of a talented individual exhibiting skills can be explained by idiosyncratic elements, but not a group of people all exhibiting similar skills - in that case there is most like an effective system at work imbedded in a sound training program. When I construct and implement a training program this is always the sign that I look for. Here, squad kohai Danny Hernandez, a very talented athlete training under my very good friend and team mate Doug Pelinkovic, gets success with our leg lock system in competition, showing its eff

We wish our members and their families a happy and safe 4th of July! We will be open for regular classes on Saturday July 1, 2017.

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[FIVE YEARS] 😤✋🏽⚡️🔥
All my years living in New York City I never stepped foot in the Bronx and quite frankly I didn't care to till I started working at @BxMartialArts. Known as a borough with ridiculously high street credibility and also it's toughness and gritty attitude from its residents, I thought to myself "What could be a better place to build the next generation of fighters?" when I first got the job in June 2012. Frankly this is all that interested me at first but fast forward FIVE years later working here has been more than just building fighters. To many I've not only been a teacher but also a brother, a mentor, an advisor, a coach and most importantly a role model for everyone that I've come across. Whether I've worked with you for a couple of days or a couple of years I'm glad our paths crossed and I was able to share my life's work with you. Here's to another FIVE years of upholding an everlasting legacy of martial arts in The Bronx.
Osu! 🤙🏽

“There may be people that have more talent than you, but theres no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”
– Derek Jeter
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Awesome 6:30pm basic BJJ class taught by Instructor Gus with special guest Luis Quintana (tag him). We are excited to have him back on the mats after his 15 month battle with cancer. Thankfully now in remission, Mr. Quintana is looking to continue his martial arts journey, Osu! .
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Solid performance from the BMAA Karate Team this weekend at the La Puppet Classic 2017. We brought home 3 GOLD Medals, 5 SILVER Medals and 5 BRONZE Medals totaling a medal count of 14 Medals from 10 Competitors! 👊🏽💢🥇🥈🥉

We are proud to announce our very own Instructor Justin will be competing in a Muay Thai event on Saturday June 24th. Tickets are on sale now at the front desk. 💥👊💢💪👏 #Boxing #MuayThai #Kickboxing #TeamRenzoGracie #BMAA #Bronx #MartialArts #RiseAndGrind #MuayThaiLife #TimeSquareNYC

Special recognition goes to two of the most hard working and dedicated students at Bronx Martial Arts Academy. Congratulations to Dom Ragno and Anthony Morello on their well earned brown belts. Through injuries, family and work obligations these gentlemen always make sure they're on the mat consistently.
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Congrats to all members who received their stripes and promotion last Monday night.
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