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Catt • 2 B Continued  Visual Artographer | iPhone4s #YOUmobile TEAM AMPt- Implus Member |

and the ones that go unnoticed ... #visual_artography #youmobile

...just sharing some rainbow love! #Hipstamatic #Victoria #Love81

Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration? #Hipstamatic #Victoria #Love81 watch shepherd meet shepherd

For "Implus Gets Hip" lens&film challenge #implus_hipstaday #Hipstamatic #Wonder #BlankoFreedom13

As Slick As I Can... ---------------------------------------------------
>>>DAYBREAK FORMULA >>>created exclusively for @formulas_app #DayBreakFormula --------------------------------------------------- #DayBreakFormula

Repost from @formulas_app:
We're very excited to announce the first Formulas app contest! Follow us at @formulas_app.

- 1st place winner USD50 iTunes card.
- 2nd place winner USD30 iTunes card.
- 3rd place winner USD20 iTunes card. *Amounts in USD or equivalent in local currency.

- Entries must be entirely processed in Formulas app.
- Entries must be square format.
- Entries must be double tagged #formulasapp and #formulasappcontest.
- Contestants must invite a friend to participate by tagging them on this post.
- There's no limit on the amount of entries.
- The contest starts today and ends Sunday June 14th. The winners will be announced the following day. --------------------------------------------------- GOOD LUCK!

Super-excited to be working together with the fabulous team behind @stackablesapp, on their latest release, the @formulas_app!

If you're a fan of heavy retro- vintage- painterly- tintype-edits, or only want to add a slight bit of it on to your photos, then you should definitely check this new app out!
>>>WHITEWASHED FORMULA >>>created exclusively for #formulasapp
Please, do tag your edits with used formula and frame (post directly from the app and the hashtags are added automatically). This one for ex, you simply tag with #whitewashedformula

Who knows, I might find you here in jungle of talented #mobilephotography artists browsing on formulas...!

Fight Club

created with #StackablesApp and taken with iPhone 4s, #Hipstamatic camera.

#Implus_June #YOUmobile #AMPt_community #visual_artography

ONE step

closer to next one
ONE piece of #visual_artography

ONE, all there is
ONE step
ONE love
ONE, all there is
ONE... –Oh my gosh! ...fluid soda, liquidized acids, speaking bodies, escalating, speeding, escaping, violently soft, for what it's worth: ONE LOVE! ...touched by your love here during my break
faster, stronger, harder... yeah, you're more pure than crystal speed: you're f-king Ge'ez!
yeah, that's it:

F-King GE'ez

and I missed ya! –hum... not quite sure what a hell I'm trying to say but #WTF you're so much smarter than that... One

There it is!
Can you see it?

Contagious Brilliancy
from her point of view, but nothingness to most

I'm taking some time offline to catch up on myself.
Until then, my friends, keep up the great work of yours and I see you soon! #Hipstamatic #Salvador84 #DTypePlate #SpiroGel

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