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Bobby Olsen 

Lotta laundry up there #banners

Seriously, what's better than friends?

Ahh. The last sunset before NBA basketball. Let's go C's ๐Ÿ€!!! And yes, I understand that the sun will set before tipoff tomorrow, but you get what I mean. No need to go all Neil deGrasse Tyson on my ass. I'm just saying I'm excited. Jeez.

@kimbabinecz went to restock our Sharpies and got absolutely BODIED by our local dollar store. #Skerple #SheGotGot

Everything the light touches. #Kimba

When you just wanna lay in bed all day because you don't know if you identify as a dog or a kangaroo. #WeveAllBeenThere

We finally bought it. #YesWeCatan

She's a reel catch!! ๐ŸŸ #letmeknowifyouundersandthatfishingpun

"Listen, yo ass is about to be missin'. You know who 'gon find you? Some good friends fishin'!"

Just four mean muggin' mainlanders making moves in Martha's #MVIDs

These ads nowadays know EXACTLY how to hook me.

That 5:30pm on a day drinking day face.

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