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Peter B  six years of my random existence, records, shows, travels, eats etc... straight outta bklyn...nyc

EMS Synthi AKS synthesizer purchased by #ENO in 1974 and was used in the recording of 'Low', 'Heroes' and 'Lodger'...
a key element of their pioneering electronic soundscapes...it was gifted to #Bowie in 1999 with a letter from Brian Eno that read...
"Look after it. Patch it up in strange ways-it's surprising that it can still make noises that nothing else can make..."

don't talk of dust and roses...
or should we powder our noses?🥄❄️🌹#theyearofthediamonddogs#74#bigbrother

original handwritten lyrics for 'Starman' by David Bowie, 1972

the original brown, double-breasted suit and turquoise boots designed by Derek Morton for City Lights studio London and originally photographed by Mick Rock for the 'Pin Ups' album artwork and promotional material, London, August '73.
also featured is Bowie's original Grafton saxophone used on recordings and during the iconic photo shoot...

Bowie, Ronno & the Spiders rock 'The Jean Genie' on Top of the Pops (taped 1/3/73) as part of a fantastic 30 min loop of various live footage in 5.1 surround sound shown within the exhibit...

Bowie's old 'Stylophone' (The Dubreq Stylophone was a miniature electronic musical instrument and early somewhat unorthodox synthesizer, invented in 1967 by Brian Jarvis. It consisted of a metal keyboard that was played by touching it with a stylus) which he played in '69 on the most well known of the three versions of 'Space Oddity' as well as on the songs 'Slip Away' and 'Heathen (The Rays)' off his 2002 Lp 'Heathen'. Longtime Bowie collaborator and producer Tony Visconti said that "after toying with the device for a bit upon receiving a complimentary sample sent to his manager Ken Pitt, David immediately realized the potential of its unusual voice."

original handwritten lyrics for 'Oh! You Pretty Things' by David Bowie, 1971

the iconic 'Tokyo Pop' vinyl bodysuit designed by Kansai Yamamoto for the '73 'Aladdin Sane' Tour five feet from my grasp⚡️

bwana meets 'the Archer'⚡️🎤finally had the pleasure of exploring 'David Bowie Is' today after waiting five years to see it since its premier in London and what an incredible afternoon it was...⚡️#isolar

David Bowie Is...today⚡️

passes away on Pi day π 3.14 #bonvoyage#hawking#rip#piday

gangs all here (minus a few key players either working or under the weather)...and this was only about half of the crew that made it down for the moving party of the decade...taking the "shitbus" over to countless gatherings, deliciously wild dinner parties(forever to be known as 'dinner and a show' from the rock n' roll festivities that would go down after everyone had been well fed), friends made and many great memories have been had @melo_mana over the last ten years or so...glad I could make the last one cause I nearly didn't...love these people...mi familia #dinnerandashow #biglove#reunion#endofanera#groupselfie#grouphug#mifamilia#Tsmoving

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