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Brent Van Der Wiel  ⚪️2012 Dodge Charger S/E⚫️ Firefighter 🚒 EMT 🚑 Pilot 🛩

I could say may the fourth be with you and put up a star wars related post, but instead I'll say this. May 4th is international firefighters day. I would like to personally thank every single man and woman that dedicates their life to the fire service. It's one hell of a job, and I'm beyond proud to stand up as one of you. 72% of us give up our time to help our neighbors out as volunteers. We put our life on the line so that others may live. I cannot say enough thank yous to every firefighter out there for every missed family dinner, every skipped date, or every sleepless night, because you went out and put in the work to make sure everyone else lived to see the next family meal, didn't have to miss their next date, and could safely sleep through the night. I could go on, but you get the point. "Greater love hath no man than this, than a man lay down his life for his friends." #fire #firefighter #fireman #internationalfirefightersday #nogreaterlove #firetruck #tones #siren #emergency #911 #thankyou #volunteer #firehouse

I refuse to back down.

I decided. I'm done with the stigma. Yes, it's a v6. But it's still my passion and it's still what I put my time, effort, heart, and soul into. Everyone I talked to at the show in Riverside said the same thing about me during the judging. That I have a huge passion for this. And they're right. So yes, it was hood open to my (for now) stock v6 engine bay. And guess what? This little "six banger" took second place in the Mopar category, overcoming 34 other cars, and beaten only by a 1970 'Cuda. Tell me again why I have to have a modified R/T or above to be proud of my car? Why I have to put thousands of dollars of modifications into the car in order for it to be "show worthy"? This, this right here is my passion. I've finally found it. I've struggled a long time to find it, and no one can ever take it away for me. Thank you to all those who have supported me thus far, I owe y'all everything.

40 minutes of sleep last night, 240 round trip miles driven, and one massive sunburn. The first show of the year is in the books for Lexi and I!

I was in the darkness, so darkness I became.

We're back, now step aside.
Notice anything different?

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