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Brittany Cline 브리트니  26. I love God. Also, almonds. I love almonds.

Learning this literally and spiritually lately. The most growth comes from not only working for it, but prioritizing it over the mundane and hectic schedules in life. Today’s message at @theoaksonline was spot on. You don’t get better just because you want to, but because you make it a priority.
You won’t see growth unless you climb the mountain and work for it.

Best friend’s boyfriend’s dog. #petinha

Perfect ending to a long week. #참죽

When your sister sends you a text of your little man busting his best moves. #auntlifeisthebestlife

Day 2: My life has been about seasons (like everyone else, right?), but the Lord has spoken to me in my many seasons - some bad, some great, some ehh... but God is always faithful so it’s time to announce...NAH, I’M JUST KIDDING!!! I bet some of you were afraid I was finally moving, but I haven’t hit that season just yet. The Lord has more for me here so I’ll stay until he says go. There’s still so much to learn because I know I’ll look back on this time and be grateful. #seasons #husband? 🤷🏼‍♀️ #justkidding #butwhoknowsreally #imdonenow

Day 1 “Life Will Never Be the Same” #challenge

I love the people I work with. #enrollmentservices

More pictures because it was just so great. #yosemitenationalpark

This best friends trip was a successful one. A cumulative 28ish miles (most of it up) in 3 days, my body is killing me, and it was all worth it to hang with the best girls I know. @bnportillo @phathe @sshryercochran let’s do it again soon! 🏕🏔

Yesterday we did 14 miles. Most of that uphill. I’ve never called out to Jesus so much in my life, but it was worth the views.

Day 3 and we’re at the falls. I’ve stayed down for a building migraine that elevation is messing me up with, but I know @phathe @bnportillo and @sshryercochran are gonna get some great views.

Day 2 and it’s only getting better. #yosemitenationalpark

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