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Erica Lynn  no time for bondage fun chicago, il

Taking my lil tummy out for some dinner with good friends πŸ˜›

I most definitely will not apologize for the kitten spam.


First cat call of the year and it happened at 6am, in this outfit. Next time I might bring my attack kitten to claw their little eyeballs out.

I don't remember when I stopped throwing them out and started saving them, and at first I thought by saving them it would make for a good picture. That was it. A picture? All these pills and psychiatric visits just for a picture? Then I realized that each one of these bottles was a step closer to feeling sane and happy. I cried when I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, depression and anxiety. But I also felt relieved to finally know why I felt as lost and confused as I did. "I'm too happy to be bipolar. It's destructive and I've seen it first hand, that's not me." I waited to tell my parents because that would mean both of their kids are bipolar and I felt ashamed. Ashamed that I had a chemical imbalance, as if it was a choice I made. If you honestly feel that you cannot control your emotions, see someone. Don't push it to the side. Talk to someone. A friend, a mentor, an aunt. Check with a sliding scale psychiatrist or therapist. If we all kept our mouths shut about mental illness struggles, it would eat us up inside and that's when unhealthy, dangerous and self abuse decisions are made. Be kind to one another. And love yourselves the most. You owe it to yourselves.

Happy Mother's Day to you fur mamas, too. These two had a tough day at the vet, and will have a rough handful of weeks, but they'll be healthy in the end. 🐈

It's great that my best friend loves these babies just as much as we do and makes sure to document all the cuteness!

Second time I've ended up in this bathroom in a high waisted jean and crop top: it's ok to be thick in the middle. I've never had a small waist comparison, and that's more than ok. For all of us, that is more than ok. It's perfect. Do you, ladies. πŸ’–

You guys. Ugh. 😻 They're just too much! (No set names yet but we're almost there)

I want to take these tiny feet in these perfect shoes and smash the weenies off of the GOP. Pretty sure one stomp and those little pencil dicks will pop right off.

Where does the hair end and the plant begin? Also sry if this photo is poorly edited, 78% of my screen is shattered. πŸ˜…

Dad's new best friend, 5 month old Max. Ugh I love him and already miss his drooling, bug eating face. #germanshepherd #pupstagram

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