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🔱Arabhis Jacquélah🔱  Butterfleye🕊legacy "God is within her, she will not fall."Psalm 46:5 🙏🏼Spiritual Alignment...stay tuned. Adventure Devotee☆ Self-care Addict☆ NYC📍

Happy 25th Bearthday to me💥👸🏾💥 At 25, I was given a vision, handfuls of truth, seeds of hope, and mountains of wisdom to become a light in the midst of chaos. I pray that I continue to pursue my deepest desires in a way that reflects God’s love. I pray that my path is blessed with lessons that will mold me into a woman who is spiritually and emotionally resilient, and that I learn new ways to love myself and those closests to me.
Today I manifest the next stage in my evolution as a business mogul, creative warrior, and multifaceted woman. 🌌⚡ I am not alone. I walk with a presence. Glory be to God. The most high.

#Chapter25 #Bearthday

👩🏾‍💻Gratitude & Manifesting👑

The first page I turned to(Chapter25)in my signed copy of "Women of Purpose" book co-authored by @powered.by.rae
💅🏽🙏🏾📚 To purchase follow the link in her bio!

This book is full of jewels, diamonds & pearls of wisdom for ANY woman on her spiritual life journey through trials, tribulations & triumphs!
#LifePurpose #WomanOfGod #Chapter25 #FemaleEmpowerment #2019 #Manifest #Wilderness

SELF-VALIDATION is the wave💆🏾‍♀️ #HelloAutumn 🍃🍁🍂
I'm so ready for my 25th Bearthday month(OCTOBER). As it approaches, I reflect on what I've grown out of, how to keep pushing through the struggle of adulthood & having the wisdom to know when its the right time to make major moves. I said it before, I'll say it again, 2019 ain't ready.
#2019 #Affirmations #Destiny #Vision #Graphic #Fall #Pumkinspice #ButterfleyeLegacy #Womanhood

🌹OWN IT! that crooked smile/those eyes/thighs/edges laid to the side, GOD gave that to you🌹 Thank you Essence Street Style for my first NYFW experience!
#EssenceStreetStyle #NYFW #BlackgirlMagic #Goodies #SelfLove #Fashion #NewYork #Goddess #NaturalHair #Blackhair #Essence #Werk #CurvyDiva  #PlusSize @Essence

Sisssssss…..this self love thing is a journey, & growth takes time and intentional ACTIONS. In 2016 I had the words “I am Enough” etched into my skin as a daily reminder that I don't need anything outside of myself, only the gifts God bestowed upon me, in order to be great. Do whatever it is you need to so that you never belittle your own self worth and the importance you bring to this world.

I still struggle with this, But its a PROCESS, I have days where I'm not fully “owning” it, A PROCESS. I strive, daily to see myself as God sees me, as his creation, not through the lens of this world. #Theprocess

🌠🌠🌠🌟🌟🌟☄☄☄ #ChildOfTheMostHigh

THANK YOU ESSENCE! The rain didn't stop nothin! The hilarious host @amandaseales kept us entertained w/ @trevorjackson5 & @mackwilds 😍😍😍 #EssenceStreetStyle #NYFW #BlackgirlMagic #SelfLove #Fashion #newyorkcity

Stop waiting for VALIDATION from other people and society at large. Appreciate all the gifts and beauty that you encompass and celebrate where you've been as a stepping stone to where you are now, and the next destination of where God is taking you. See you all on the other side🙏🏾
#Destiny #Manifest #Faith #Intention #ButterfleyeLegacy #Womanhood #claimyourpower "Ask and ye shall receive"-Matthew 7:7-8

🌸She came back again,

Rose from the earth Anew

Skin burned by the midwest sun

heart soothed by the full moon

she came back to me this summer🌻

with eyes all dewy and hopeful

and a smile you wish to memorize for those harsh winters🥀

She had stories

and sacred prayers

She embodied all the goddesses

I watched as her hair traveled from her shoulders to her curved back

and swung in the wind🌼

my lover, soulmate
came back to me again

and I knew in my heart she wanderlusted🌿 - Lotus by Butterfleye Legacy *
The original photograph of Lisa Left eye Lopez was taken on the set of the TLC trio's video set for song "Unpretty"
Lisa will forever be my creative muse because she has such a light about her that radiates love and stength.
This poem entitled "Lotus" is the intellectual property of Arabhis Nicholson.
#poetry #Goddess #Lefteye #writing #womanhood #love #journalism #photography #magazinelife #storytelling #problack #melanin #Feminist

🌱Late nights and early mornings, that's fine with me....im willing to focus my energy on things that will nurture my spiritual evolution and expand my inspirational reach #Godismoving 🕊 #growth #FEMmagix

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