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Butterscotch | Hokey & Pokey  🧀Butter 🐹Male Syrian Hamster 🕜25 May 2016 🍨Hokey & Pokey 🐹Female Roborovski hamsters 🕘4 January 2017

Hi! Everyone. Hokey is now separated from Pokey. They all are looking great and happy. Hokey's tail is getting better and stopped bleeding. Thanks for all advices and help from you guys. 😇🙏🏻

Anyone with robo-hamster experience please help!!!
Last weekend my friend (as I went away for vacation) told me that Hokey and Pokey have been fighting each other til Hokey (which is smaller) has been injured on her tail. Now I separated them for a while. They got along very well as I have taken care of them for almost 3 months. Moreover, Pokey seems to be more territory than usual. She bites me when I hold her up for checking. How can they change their behavior? What should I do? Should I permanently separate them two? 😢 I'm so sad about this. Never thought it could happen. Please help

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