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R O S L Y N 🍉  Alpine woman and future holistic nutritionist living in Vancouver, BC. Helping you add plants back into the picture 🌱 Personal account: @roslynkent

My safe haven ✨
Whenever I feel overwhelmed (hint: today), I come back to this place.
Where the world is a little more quiet and filled with far fewer expectations.
Where I feel a little more calm and lot more filled with purpose.
The problem isn’t getting here, it’s learning to appreciate it when I am.

I won’t lie—this morning was rough. If you saw my stories yesterday, you’ll know that I haven’t exactly been taking care of my body lately. I’ve been exercising, yes, but every other aspect of health has to work together with the physical if we want to feel our best. And I think it’s time I found balance again.
That’s why I started this morning with one of my favourite smoothie ingredients— @praninorganic Raw Cacao Smoothie Boosters. I usually make myself one of these after a workout, but today called for chocolatey goodness and a slow start.
I love these products for so many reasons but the fact that the nutrients, minerals and vitamins are coming from raw, cold pressed, living sources is unreal.
Each 30-gram smoothie booster pouch starts off as over 1/2 kilogram of produce – definitely too much to fit in one blender, but it’s exactly what my body needs today.
I need rejuvenation.
I need nutrient dense food.
I need REAL ingredients.
And a smoothie like this can give me all of that and more ✌🏻

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO ✨ A day in the life of a vegan, freelancer and future holistic nutritionist.
Click the link in my bio to see what I get up to on the daily working from home and cooking up some kick ass vegan food 🌱

Because sometimes, you just need a beautiful pink unicorn smoothie bowl to start the day off right 🦄

Always snackin’ 🐦

NEW GARLICKY VEGAN PIZZA recipe is now on the blog 💫 there’s something about a good vegan cheerless pizza that makes me want to do a happy dance.
Anyone else?
Head to the link in my bio for the full recipe!

Tropical breakfast bowls for ✌🏻
Actually not my breakfast today (quick oats for me as I’m getting a head start on work right after I post this), but wishing it was 👊🏻
This weekend, I’ll be heading into the mountains again. Summer is approaching real quickly, and it’s going to be one of my last few weekends before I trade in the ski boots for hiking boots.
Life is really just a transition of one outdoor activity to another for me, and I LOVE it.
If anyone on here is looking for a hiking buddy this summer, shoot me a message and we’ll make it happen!

Hey guys 👋🏻 So you may have noticed I’ve been a little distant on here lately, but man oh man did I need the break.
Instagram is great, but it’s not interchangeable with real life.
We spend SO much time on here everyday (at least I do), that we slowly forget that real life and it’s nuances, joys, small victories, losses, and everything in between do NOT happen on here. They don’t live online. They aren’t created online.
We create our Instagram lives.
We create the EXACT image we want others to see and experience.
But real life—it happens. Sure, we get to choose our battles and general path, but the beauty of it all is that it’s unpredictable. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s entertaining in the AUTHENTIC sense of the word.
It’s beautiful.
And not to say that what we put out here, on instagram, isn’t beautiful, but it definitely isn’t natural.
I’m learning everyday how to keep my offline and online worlds separate. Yes, I’ll still be sharing lots of content on here because you guys ROCK but I will be shutting off my online world when life needs attention, and more often than not, it needs my full attention; My authentic presence.
And lately, I haven’t been doing that. I’ve been living a life halfway between both worlds—not really giving a full effort or attention to either.
And it‘s been draining me.
It’s drained my joy and it’s drained my creativity.
But I kept going, because I truly convinced myself that I would fall behind. But it was sad, because while I was trying to keep up on here, I was falling behind in life instead. In the moments I should have been present in.
Life doesn’t stop.
Instagram doesn’t stop.
But one needs our full attention and the other is just a product of our imagination.
Let’s choose more of the now.
Let’s choose more of reality.

“They’re my church...the mountains. This is where my religion is. This is what I believe in. This is what gives me energy. This is what makes me think clearly. This is also what makes me think deeper” - Reudi Beglinger

CUMIN SPICED YAM BURGERS 🍔 with pickled cabbage
Remember these bad boys?
Well, I definitely haven’t forgotten and I’m having a substantial craving for them tonight.
Perfectly spicy
Loaded with cumin (my fave spice)
Paired with pickled cabbage goodness (which is so easy to make)
Better than your average store bought veggie patty, guaranteed!
Head to the link in my bio for the full recipe 👆🏻

Here’s to being badass women in 2018 🤙🏻 #IWD2018

A big thanks to all of you for the love on my stories from last night.
This account may not be a money maker for me, but it sure is a form of inspiration, support and encouragement from all of you.
Feeling slightly less guilty about not wanting to be as active on here, and you’re all right, when it becomes a chore, that’s when you know you need to take a break.
So I might do that. Or I might just ease away from it ever so slightly so posting is no longer something I feel obligated to do.
But until then, here’s a photo of one of the more delicious smoothies I’ve made in a while.
Happy hump day everyone.
No matter what you’re going through, there’s a thousand other people who are too 🤗

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