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Butch Walker  Doing my best to be the Bass line at 2:09, and also live up to the drum fill at 2:30 in “Jack & Diane” by John Cougar Mellencamp

Getting excited about the TALPanga shows for @theautumnleavesproject in lovely Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles, next month? Now even more reason to get pumped.. my brother from another mother @koreydane is gonna start the day off for us on SAT 3rd around 4pm! Come hear this badass sing from his heart, and you can thank me after. ON SUN 4th, my sister from another mister @jaimewyatt will be kicking the day off with her badass Outlaw Country-tinged jamz. She’s the real fucking deal so get there early (3ish is always a good for both nights to line up and get preferred seating)! We will be having guest appearances, including yours truly, singing throughout the day, so don’t fuck up and get there late! Again, SAT is sold out, But still literally only a few tickets left for SUN. GO GET EM! -BW•

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Where to begin.. i saw the 70’s adaptation of A STAR IS BORN in the theatre when i was a kid. It’s foggy, but i think i snuck in from a PG movie playing next door (probably “Freaky Friday” or something). From Gary Busey as the tour manager. Kris Kristofferson as a drunk hunk music maker. Robert Englund (Freddie Kruger to you) as a bit part extra. Barbara Streisand as Lady Gaga ;-). Her alarming vibrato and vocal range. Kris, in his bell bottom jeans and no shirt, with perfect Rock Star torso that i always wanted, but genetically wasn’t capable of obtaining. The lights and sound equipment. That wonderfully played out movie scenario of the whole “go on.. just take the mic! Go for it!” scene with Barb, that followed in so many movies and videos. It really makes a difference in a kid’s life. Taking the mic. It’s the opportunity that we dream of, but we don’t usually act on. What would’ve happened if you would’ve just acted on impulse and decided to “take the mic”? Would your star be born? Or would you at least be able to tell the story at work, about how you “could’ve been”? Or would you have been both, where you got the taste of success and said, “this fucking sucks. I miss my friends and normality”. Either way, you will never know unless you “take the mic”. Can’t wait to see the new version of this movie. And to see more young people make their dreams real. Music is powerful. Don’t ever forget that. -BW

Welcome home, “Blondie”... This is the name she was given by her classically trained Juilliard School of Music owner, RIP... Born in 1978, measuring 7ft 6in long at the @yamahamusicusa piano factory. I’m already writing new songs with you. Let’s start a new musical adventure together.. -BW

Got a pretty cool surprise for Sunday’s show at the annual @theautumnleavesproject TALPanga concert for pancreatic cancer. And you’re in luck, because there’s literally only a handful of tickets left for that show (sorry, Saturday night is sold out). But you won’t wanna miss it on Sunday. Come spend an afternoon/evening under the stars, in the woods of magical Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles, while we play all your favorites, while you eat amazing grub, drink amazing hand crafted beers and cocktails (all proceeds go to TALP), and get to know some good people. Free and ample parking on the road (we also encourage you to Uber if you want libations, plus it’s super easy), and most of all, you’re supporting a great cause that helps out unfortunate victims of the disease that took my Father’s life in 2013. PLUS, THE WHOLE THING IS OVER BY LIKE 8:45pm so you don’t have to worry about not making it to work on Monday 🦄😜! This night is anything but a bummer tho y’all. We bring nothing but positive music and vibes, lots of laughter, and give you the spirit of all the classic festivals from back in the day. Jakob Dylan, a few amazing special guests, myself and my band will be on hand to rock the autumn day and night for you. If you were lucky enough to be there last year, then you know the deal. Go to www.butchwalker.com/tour or click the link in my IG bio to get tickets! It’s easy to follow the instructions on the website to snag ‘em.. can’t wait to see you there. I’m headed to my studio right now to handcraft the set list for each night! This stuff gets me so excited! Come see me. Gonna be awhile before you can again. -BW•

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Sadly, these guys aren’t around anymore (at least i hope not) to have them guest perform at the annual TALPanga @theautumnleavesproject shows for pancreatic cancer NOV 3-4, but i have some great folks set to play for you both nights! Again, only a few tix left for the SUN show (SAT IS SOLD OUT), so hurry over to the link in profile, or just go to my website tour page to follow the links. Can’t wait to see you all for an incredible weekend for a great cause, with me and my band, Jakob Dylan, and some awesome guest appearances, playing a night of the songs you wanna hear. Lots of food, adult beverages (drinks ARE allowed in the concert area this time!), and some pretty cool stuff on display that we are going to auction off worldwide (guitars, artwork, tour items, personal clothing items, pets, annoying cousins, etc etc). Should be a magical weekend at a pretty magically dope and intimate outdoor theatre in the heart of legendary Topanga Canyon in LA.. can’t wait! See you in a couple weeks!! -BW•

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Who’s excited about the TALPanga shows on Nov 3-4?? This is gonna be an incredible 2 nights of music, libations, food, and fun. Only a few tickets left for the Sunday show (Saturday is sold out), so click the link in my profile or go to www.butchwalker.com to snag what’s left of what is gonna be an incredible wknd. We have Jakob Dylan, myself, and some great surprise guests both nights getting up and playing songs. A whole day of music and fun for a great cause. If you want more info on my organization, go to www.AutumnLeavesProject.org website to be enlightened on what we do for patients battling pancreatic cancer. Let’s do something positive and bring love, compassion, and help for others into the new year, and for the years to come.... thank you and can’t wait to see all of you. -BW•

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Joe F*CKING Walsh.

Alright, childhood bucket list... let’s check some shit off. Brought my @fender Tele in my favorite guitar case to sing and play some Joe Walsh tonight at a charity gala... with/for Joe FUCKING Walsh! One of my childhood guitar idols. Vince Gill, Michael McDonald, and yours truly gonna rip up some Joe jamz tonight. My foot hurts from all the names i just dropped on it. -BW

I honestly don’t know where he gets it from.

So excited for the TALPanga shows NOV 3-4th in LA, CA! THE SATURDAY SHOW ON THE 3rd IS SOLD OUT. But the Sunday the 4th show HAS A FEW TICKETS LEFT! Go to my website www.ButchWalker.com/tour or click the link in my IG bio to get your tickets before they’re gone! If you came last year, then you know what a magical setting and a magical night for a great cause this is. Except now we are doing 2 NIGHTS! We will have special tour items to raffle off, lots of fun spirits to drink, and awesome nom noms to soak up the booze. We are sad to announce that our buddy Aaron Lee Tasjan had to pull out of the shows, due to a schedule conflict... BUT...... we have a special guest for both nights that will knock your underwear off! A little hint.. i produced his record this year ;-).... So come catch yours truly, Jakob Dylan, and a few more guest surprises on both nights! Go get those tickets to the Sunday show! It will be the last time to catch me playing this year! See you soon! -BW•

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Liquidating some bikes to make room for shit. This is a fun little scoot. 1974 Yamaha DT360 enduro (street legal!) dirt bike. Had top end completely redone but just needs a few tweaks to it to make it run and start well. I don’t have time for it or the space. Cool collectors bike that was on tour with me for a whole summer a few years back. $2100 bucks and it’s yours. Located in LA. Message @toddstopera if interested. Serious buyers only. Posting more fun stuff for sale soon!Have a great day!

New York City. Used to make me drink too much. Now makin’ me think too much...

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