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butcherparty  PMA 🍍 Fun first 🐞 Safety third 🎈 You go Glen Coco.

Hard Style Tuesday

Chill and the gang #theflyingburritosisters

There is a god damn crystal cave in Yucca Valley!!!! 😍😍😍#theflyingburritosisters

Bee bee guns and cactus skeletons #theflyingburritosisters

Cholla Garden > Locking keys in the car > Getting a Cholla stuck in your leg. #theflyingburritosisters

Got beamed up to the mother ship by a sound bath with some gems. πŸŒˆπŸ’Ž#takemetoyourleader #theflyingburritosisters

The ghost of Gram is in the air #theflyingburritosisters #caprock

We've never been so excited to not see rain! 😍#theflyingburritosisters

But where is Jeff Goldblum? - Sara Edition #theflyingburritosisters

It's not just dinner. #floweringkale

This is so stupid because these radishes are so small, but GUYS LOOK AT THESE RADISHES I GREW! #allthingstinymeal