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Skeleton of color.  I am a performance artist, painter, illustrator who loves to create. I love being photographed! 💨Smoke sponsor by Enola Gaye USA💨


Floating around the streets of LA.

"Artist at work"
I this recap video for my CNN, Great Big Story, photo meet.
Thank you @stray.visuals!
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"Smoke Umbrella"
All time favorite photo.
Photo by @1lowcat
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Last Saturday, I debuted one of my newest mask, "Crimson". It was at @streetmeetla/ @jaycee.co photo meet! Can't wait to debut the other 7!

Be on the lookout for a future collaboration with @jooskellington and I! Thank you at @culturacolectivaplus for this wonderful video. Very honored to be recognized for my art.

"don't compete"
I remember when I first started taking my drawing and painting classes at college. I was really envious of my classmates who in my opinion were better artist than me. I felt that I had to compete against them and be as good or better than them. It was frustrating because I wasn't getting the results I wanted and I had allowed my perception into thinking that was the level of where my art work should be. Art is so opinionated. The truth is, no one is to gauge what good and bad art is. I realized I needed to do my own thing. I became comfortable within my own space and mind. At this point, if the criticism I received was negative, I didn't care for that person judged my artwork or felt like I needed to win anybody's approval. I've become really happy with my artwork. Within myself I've seen a lot of improvements in self-growth. Those are really important to me more than anything else. Once I realized there is no point in feeling like I have to compete, art really became fun for me.

I don't have any expectations on anybody. The only expectations I have are on myself. I have been blessed by being able to work with so many different people with so many different facets. When you work with me, I bring my knowledge and experience to the table. We will work together to get amazing results. The expectations I have for myself is to come ready with ideas on what to do, be able to be diverse in many situations, give quality work, be visually interesting, and be motivated to do it. If I take care of myself and hold up to my own expectations. The collaborations and work speaks for itself. Looking back over the last two and a half years I can honestly say, "I have some pretty good shit" lol buhahahaha.
Photo by @puig_photography

Suit up!
One of the best things about living in Los Angeles is that we get a lot limited exhibitions and installations. I was lucky enough to catch the 14th Factory before they closed with a few of my friends. Seeing the opportunity, I grabbed some footage of me within this space. Filmed by @ninja.af and edited by @ulysseprom!
Suit by @opposuits!

Gone for the weekend! Be back on Monday. Wish everyone a beautiful weekend! God Bless and much love!
Photo by @camarank

Everyday when I wake up, I spend about 30 minutes sitting in bed thinking. I don't get out of bed until I feel inspired to do something. Luckily, I've surrounded myself with a lot of things I have to do. I'm inspired to do all the things I want to do.

An oldie but goodie with my O.G partner in crime @rexkless.shadow.
Video by @ulysseprom
Song: "you were made for me" by Sam Cooke

First time performing in broad daylight in the middle of downtown LA. Surprised they didn't call the cops or the fire department on me 😂. Smoke by @enolagayeusa
Photo by @dsanchez335

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