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Carys Gray || Cardiff, UK🇬🇧  💪🏼 Gymshark 📩 Business - busybeecarys@gmail.com 📽 YOUTUBE: BusybeeCarys 🍑GYMSHARK LEGGINGS RESTOCK❗️👇


Feeeeeling this pink wig life💁🏼‍♀️ yesterday I had WAY too much fun filming an Amazon wig haul!!!! I got some funky £15/$20 Wigs off Amazon and gave them a wirl💅🏼 Video will be up tomorrow at 11am (uk time) if you’re interested in how the rest turned out- see u there!!😂✅ (channel is called ‘busybeecarys’ if u need to search it😘)

Busy day filming vidsss and doing admin🤓

Feel so much better being back in the gym more frequently💪🏼 I’ve lost a lot of strength but I don’t let that demotivate me! Pushing myself and challenging myself in each session is the main thing🙏🏼 I’ve been switching it up a bit doing half my workouts from my home guide (in the gym but in the mats area because they’re no equipment needed workouts) and half
from the UFBG gym guide! Really enjoying it😋 (link to the guides in my bio as always if you’re interested✅) hope you’re having a fantastic weekend😘

😝 Just smashed a leg session in this set(this was before lols) and Wow I’m so excited for when the @gymshark x @nikkiblackketter collection releases!!! (❗️It’s soon!!! I will let you know the release date on my insta story as soon as we’re told❗️) They’ve done SUCH an amazing job with this collection it’s honestly my fave release ever 😭😍 I had to test them out on an intense leg day and YEs yes YES this is no lie legit my new fave gym outfit (ask @jameswhittakerr I was telling him every 10 seconds 😂) I didn’t have any camel toe issues, I felt super comfortable, they’re squat proof and they look SUPER CUTE 😭✅ I’m wearing in small in the bra and I usually wear XS but defo wouldn’t in this one! And I’m wearing small in the leggings which fit PERFECTLY on my waist and leg and bum which is rare! Omg ok that’s enough about that now hope you guys had the most fantastic day!😘😘😘

Happy Monday hunnies!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are getting ready to smash this week💪🏼 we’re officially full swing into January now and I’m lovvvvving getting to the gym more frequently and I have in fact started swimming more which I’m really enjoying! 🏊🏻‍♂️ I’m a strong believer in finding exercise you ENJOY and makes you feel good! I don’t like running much so swimming has been amazing for me! Gets me moving and also gets me off my phone and allows me to have some proper me time💁🏼‍♀️ Switch it up this year and find something you love! Even if it’s just training in a different way!💪🏼 My Ultimate Full Body Guides (Gym and Home) are still on Sale for January!! Come and join the UFBG community and switch things up!!😰 link is in my bio as always 😘 @busybee.carys PS: wearing @gymshark these leggings are the new Simply Mesh releasing on the 11th😍

Looks like we’re about to start putting the flooring down in the new house 🙂 really we’re just waiting for the flooring guy to arrive 🙃 vlogged all day with jameseeeey for our COUPLE’S CHANNEL (JARYS - James and Carys lol we so clever) which is being brought back from the dead after having to stop it a while back as things were getting hectic with running two businesses and two YouTube channels! This year is a year of content for us so we’re suuuuper excited to be back on JARYS ❤️ if you fancy following along on our journey then make sure you’re subscribed and got ya post notifications on!! I’ll put the link to our channel in my bio for tonight 😘 @busybee.carys hope you all have the best weekend hunnies💕 PS: who likes the new wall colour for our bedroom?! Peachyyyyy🍑

Feeling so good being back in the swing of things💪🏼 Back in the gym everyday and eating AND COOKING (yep I know) nutritious meals!! 🤗🥦 still eating far too much chocolate each day but SMALL ACHIEVABLE GOALS OK... cutting out chocolate is not a small or achievable goal for me so I’m slowly working on that one 😂😂 but for now I’ll smash my gym sessions, drink my water and eat my veggies ✅ PS: Filmed a HUGE Asos jeans haul for my YouTube channel which will be up tomorrow 11am and it’s an interesting one...😭😂 ❣️ PPS: For everyone asking, my gym & home Full Body Guides are on sale the whole of January and the link is in my bio so come joinnnnnn the community😘

First proper day back at the gym today and it’s safe to say I feel like a bowl of jelly😭 Me and James are doing a lil 6 week challenge if anyone wants to join us!!❗️You can join in whether you’re doing one of my @ufbgcommunity guides or not it doesn’t matter!! All we’re doing is...
Getting to the gym as much as u can or do some home workouts or go on walks etc!! 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️ EATING VEGGIES: our challenge is NOT about restricting yourself or your food it’s about a healthy sustainable challenge. Lots of food but lots of GOOD foods!!!! 🥦🍆🍇🍠 Here’s some things we’re going to also attempt to do:
- no alcohol 🍷
- no pointless meals out 🍔 (Nando’s doesn’t count and you can go for nice occasions etc) ⁉️ WHO’S IN??!! Feeling part of something makes a huge difference to motivation and progress for me so doing something all together will be fun and I’ll be keeping u guys updated with how mine is going everyday!! WE GOT THIS HUNNIES💪🏼🙏🏼😭❤️

..and here's to 2018🥂 my physique may not be everyone's cup of tea but we can't please everyone🤷‍♀️ I fell inlove with weight lifting shortly after the left photo and it's the best thing that ever happened to me💪 My hugeeee January sales on my full body gym and home guides are now live and the link is in my bio if u wanna browse them!! @busybee.carys I would love you to come join the UFBG(Ultimate Full Body Guide) community I'm SO HAPPY so many new members have joined us already today and I can't wait to see what 2018 bring for us all🔥🔥💪💪 don’t forget after purchasing your guide if u have ANY issues with the purchase you can email support@busybeefitness.co.uk and James will be answering your emails asap I promise❤️❤️❤️

Today I put on pretty @gymshark leggings I got in a delivery but didn’t actually go to the gym of course... 2 more days guys then I’m backkkkkk at it😏💪🏼 #newyearfreshstart #icantstopeating

Rest day today.... and yesterday and the day before and the week before 🙃 Quite excited for the day I finally return to the gym (1st Jan) because I’ve certainly had some time off this Christmas... absence makes the heart grow fonder and it certainly has!!! I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for me in the gym this year💪🏼 but for now, more food and more shopping (basically cardio) 🥂🍕

4 days until new year new me and maybe I’ll stop eating chocolate and cheese for every meal ☺️

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