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Carys Gray || Cardiff, UK🇬🇧  💪🏼 Gymshark 📩 Business - busybeecarys@gmail.com 📽 YOUTUBE: BusybeeCarys 🍑 SHOP GYMSHARK SALE 👙👇

Stupid sock🙄... out for food after the most amazing day in The Lake District🙏🏼🚘 so so so happy to be here, it’s truly beautiful! 🌸🌷🍃Thank you so much for all your reccomendations for places to eat and things to do ilysm😘✨

First stop on our road trip is Lake District 🚘 it’s so beautiful here I can’t wait to explore more tomorrow!!! We’re vlogging the trip on our family channel @jamesandcarys 🎥 (sorry our baby is a dog not a child) so make sure you subscribe and follow along if you would like to 😘

Not sure if my puppa is half asleep or trying to smile but we tried 🙂 last night away with my girlies and I’ve had the most amazing time ever ever ever celebrating my bday & engagement 🍾🎈- shoutout to my amazing 6 besties ilysm ✨

This UK sun needs to stick around 😍 self love is such a rollercoaster ride, some days you feel like a queen and some days you want to hide under ur duvet and never come out! I’ve been there 🙄 it’s a journey and it takes practise! Please remember to practise self love- I’m SO passionate about this because it really changed my life and how I view myself. Self love does not mean you think you’re amazing or you’ve got to where you want to be with yourself... self love means accepting and loving yourself and appreciating who you are WHEREVER you’re at and whatever you’re going through. You deserve all the love and you start by giving it to yourself from yourself ✨

I had a comment on a recent YouTube video saying “you’d be perfect if you had smaller legs” now I KNOW this girl didn’t mean any harm and wasn’t trying to be nasty in any way and this comment didn’t actually upset me at all! Everyone can have an opinion that’s okay! 🤷🏼‍♀️ What it DID do, was remind me to KEEP preaching self love and body confidence to all you amazing humans out there!!! It’s hard to keep pushing through and seeing yourself for everything you ARE when people want to point out the ways in which you ARENT quite good enough. Well let me just remind you, whatever clothes you want to wear, whatever your body shape, whatever you’re doing with your life, YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are enough for anything and everyone. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (Oh and ps: me and James just started our joint account @jamesandcarys so make sure you go follow if u wanna keep updated on our journey ✨)

See ya Greece✌🏼✈️ thanks for the 1 day of sun but 7 days of fun 🤪🍹

The sun came out today for our last full day here YAY!!!!☀️I lay on my pizza lilo all day 🍕 burnt the booty to a crisp but it was totally worth it😎

Sun wasn’t out again today but still managed to wear at least 3 different bikinis... This @gymshark kini is SO CUTE 😍 (don’t know the release date yet- I’ll let you know ASAP) ALSO in case you haven’t heard yet on 2nd July (Monday) 7pm UK time there is a HUGE Gymshark sale, they legit never have sales 😏 I remember last time they had a sale this big it was crazzzzy and I’m so excited for this one!!! I’ll put all the info on my story✨

Thank you @jameswhittakerr for being my bootyographer📸!!!!

Before foodies VS after 🤷🏼‍♀️ very realistic holiday post today, it poured with rain all day and we sat inside playing cards and drinking cocktails!🍹 Just been for some food, ate way too much and now taking my food baby to bed to watch some Netflix with bae @jameswhittakerr 🍩🍫🍬✨ still having a fabulous time away and I hope you guys had a great Monday❤️

Time for some foooodiessss🍕🥂✨

Absolutely loving the sun life out here😭🌞👙 I’ve been eating, sleeping, sunbathing and smashing sweaty workouts💪🏼 ALL MY FAVE THINGS!! I find simple but effective HIIT workouts best for when I’m on holiday🌴 I’ve been doing my BBSSU (My busybee summer shape up 8 week guide) HIIT workouts and they’re most certainly drowning me in sweat and directing all the ice cream to the booty😂💪🏼🍨🍑 if you’re interested in joining my BBSSU community I’ve put the link in my bio and I’ll put a swipe up on my story ✨✨✨

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