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Amos has always been an adventurous little eater, something that I love about him and want to always protect and encourage. We make it a point to continually introduce him to a variety of different foods. With food allergies on the rise in little ones, including potential allergens like fish, wheat, and sesame in his daily diet is also top of mind in an effort to get his little immune system acclimated to all kinds of foods. Getting him to eat all potential allergens everyday (and also having the time to prepare that myself) does present some challenges. As you guys know, for the past several months we've been using @SpoonfulOne, a daily food blend made up of all the top 8 allergens, to help protect Amos from developing a food allergy. He loves it and I love how easy it is-win, win! Check the link in bio if you're interested in learning more. 😊#SpoonfulOneBrandPartner #OkButFirstSpoonfulOne

Tried to get a picture of our matching jackets and Amos was all like “oh, dinner? at 4pm? great, thanks!” 🐄🤷‍♀️

Day 4 of the stomach flu is all about resting, recovering and disinfecting.

✨Giveaway! ✨ A new mattress seemed like the perfect thing to give away on the Monday after daylight savings! 😴 Every bed in our house has a @lucid.mattress if that tells you how much we love them. To win a mattress of any size, follow me and @lucid.mattress and tag your friends in the comments below-the more the merrier! For a bonus entry, repost the second photo in your stories and tag @lucid.mattress! Runs for 48 hours, good luck! 👋

Friday face ☝️✅

We had the wallpaper removed from this room as soon as we moved in (8 days ago) and it took until today for Leo to notice. He was totally blown away that it was gone. Three-track mind; snacks, toys, and making sure Amos doesn’t touch said toys. 🧐😂

I have a whole new appreciation for our dining room table after a week of eating on the floor. (Also for the sunshine after a week of clouds.) ☀️

February was a whirlwind, but yesterday we closed on the home of our dreams. It’s surreal to imagine everything that might happen here; our little guys becoming big guys, us growing older and everything in between. We’re excited and ready to fill this place with lots of love and life and memories! 🏡❤️

When he was littler but his cheeks were bigger. ☺️

This happy camper is officially registered for preschool come fall. Time is flying. Somebody hold me. 😭

One from the unposted archives partly because I miss summer but mainly because I miss those legs.

Sorry for the radio silence! We’ve had a lot going on but just wanted to say 👋. Thanks for sticking around and putting up with throwbacks and photos from the archives. I’m excited to share more details when things settle down in a couple weeks! 😊

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