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Amber Kantes  the wild haired crafting lady ●Next event: WV Pop Con ●handmade in West Virginia ●open for commissions & trades ●@straitoutacmptn = ♡ ●buy here ☟

Always blown away by how badass @ladyyamaha looks rocking the custom bows I made her on her helmet. Just shipped her the rainbow one the other day and it looks so good!
#perler #perlerbeads #perlerbow

Did art trades with some very talented artists/crafters this weekend. Can't wait to decorate my office with these after I do some remodeling! I LOVE doing trades if anybody is interested! @brian_colesmithcomics @dyanna1214 @tvegaart

Little bit of a restock I will be having for the last day of #steelcitycon tomorrow! Was able to bead these at my booth and finish them at the hotel. :) #aintnorestforthewicked #makersgonnamake

Pixel Sam for the human Sam!

Rocking the #perler bows I made to match my favorite dress @straitoutacmptn got me from @pinupgirlclothing. Ready for day 2 of Steel City Con!

How I stay busy at cons during slow periods and make the most of my time! Pack my beads, bead at my booth, tape the design, take them back to the hotel to iron, and bring them back the next day! (Scored the containers at Aldi, and they are so much nicer than the Perler brand. This is basically the only time I use the tape method. Aaaand I'm too cheap to pay for electricity at cons and the small space makes it unsafe to bring my iron haha) #perler #perlerbeads #conlife

My pride and joy! Twelve feet of pure awesome at #steelcitycon this weekend. Come say hi!

Ron Pearlman will be at Steel City Con, so I decided to create a little Hellboy design for this weekend! (((Original design))) #ronpearlman #hellboy #steelcitycon

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