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Violets come in a pretty wide variety of colours in Burren, from a very pale, almost lavender, through variegated, into full purple. But these ones I saw on top of a mountain near us seem a particular intense shade.

Still cold here, but there are lots of early purple orchids up in the last week.
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I wish I were so tough that I could go swimming in the turlough in April and love every minute of it. Brrrr!
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It is such a gorgeous evening here.

When the Easter Bunny decides to hide chocolate eggs in your organic egg delivery....

It is just stunning in the Burren today. Blackthorn blossom is coming out, catkins on the willows, new leaves on the whitethorn - everything is so pretty!

This is Toothwort, a wildflower that contains no chlorophyll. It lives by being parasitic on the roots of trees, including hazel. Perhaps not the prettiest flower but still kinda cool.
#wildflower #toothwort #parasite #burren

The Rine is a great place for a family walk in the Burren. Always pretty, always interesting, lovely views of the hills of the Burren all around.

Misty winter morning in the Burren

Patterns, lines and shadows.

#karst #limestone #burren

Starlight through the trees at the Perfumery. The last clear, frosty night before the rain came yesterday. You can see Taurus in the lower right, the Pleiades above, and Orion appearing at the bottom.
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