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From the archives. Photo by our member Lukas Vasilikos @lukasvasilikos

Burn My Eye is happy to present another young Greek photographer Gina Maragoudaki @mar_gina and her mini-series of passengers.

We asked Gina to tell us a few words about this series and her work in general.

BME: How did you come up with the series of passengers? Was it a conscious decision or the series evolved over time?
GM: As passengers we are in a state of waiting. We have the time to calm down and observe the world around us. It is also the only moments where I definitely have the camera with me.
BME: Did you encounter any problems while shooting people inside transport?

GM: I try to be as discreet as possible. I don’t like to embarrass people or disturb their calm, so I am very aware about how I approach them.

I'd rather miss a nice shot than to harass anyone. I never encountered any problems because people rarely realize that they are being photographed.

BME: I noticed that you prefer to structure your work in series. What is your latest project?

GM: My new project "Salon” is an attempt to present the contemporary Greek women. It’s a series of environmental portraits that move between the staged and the documentary photography.

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“It’s an everyday need, a catharsis in a way, as it makes me stop thinking about everyday small problems; it’s also a great remedy for my anxiety.”

@_joe_aguirre_ has a conversation with @christopherdebethune for our Exposure/Compensation interview series. Link to interview is in our bio! •

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Grom the archives. Photo by our member Justin Vogel @justinsdisgustin

Some of our recent favorite unpeopled photographs from around Instagram. Be sure to check out these talented photographers too! Photographs in order by:
@dave.jordano Dave Jordano
@andyfelthamphotography Andy Feltham
@socratesbphoto Socrates Baltagiannis
@davidjcarol David J Carol
@martinkollar1 Martin Kollar
@niallmcdiarmid Niall Mcdiamid
@loopy_lara Lara
@jo.haberman Jo Haberman
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From the archives. Photo by our member Justin Sainsbury @shuttertripping

Photo of the month by @zisiskardianos as voted by Burn My Eye members.

Here is what Zisis has to say about his photographs. "There is nothing I enjoy more when I’m out shooting than small crowds of people where I can merge with them and pass virtually unnoticed even when I’m photographing very close and occasionally using handheld flash. I don’t use extreme wide lenses, and I don’t want to ridicule anyone by capturing them in an awkward moment. If that accidentally happens, I don’t show the picture. In such a busy environment, I find it very challenging to pack as many elements as possible into a tight frame without the image falling apart, even as the subject is constantly shifting. This photo was taken at a street party in Athens. Besides being an exercise in the above, it is also part of an ongoing series of mine called “Fair enough!” The man in the center, who has his arms above his head, is the anchor of the image and what triggered the shot. This is what I saw. The two men on the left are almost touching heads, and it appears as if one is whispering something to the other who in turn looks dumbstruck. This is what the camera saw". #streetphotography #burnmagazine #burnmyeye #fujifeed #fullfrontalflash

“Noel” - Folk horror heart of darkness with all love lost. A small set from the work of our member @skossoff Simon Kossoff
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A selection of images by Greek photographer Eleni Onasoglou @elenionasoglou, curated by BME member Lukas Vasilikos @lukasvasilikos .

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