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Art and Life Of Conchita  Social worker. New Orleans! The maker of things! Pedal painter for @excessive_electron. MSW grad student. Loving life.

Amazing finds while packing. I have been watching Twin Peaks since the premiere when I was a freshman in high school. I bought these trading cards when I was a senior. I've considered many times making art or something from them but I can't. I am so excited for the new season to start in May. I would say I would host a party or something, but I hate people interrupting shows. Sorry. #twinpeaks #twinpeaksforever #davidlynch #fwwm

Data entry jamssss. I've only seen Bad Religion once, but I remember it like it was yesterday. That's makes me feel not so ancient. #stillhavemymind #PhDpunkrockers #Iwilljointheclubonedaytoo

When we had 5 it often felt like too much. Now that we only have two, it often seems too quiet. For now they are enjoying their super spoiled lives and giving us comfort every day. So, my sweets #dondiegodeladog and #luchadiane , happy #internationaldogday . Animals are a blessing! ❤ #nationaldogday

I #LOVE all you saints and sinners. I'm missing friends and family. I always struggle when @sandybrudvik leaves and goes back home across the ocean. So, tonight or tomorrow.... tell someone you love them. Call or text a friend or family who you haven't spoke to in a while. Spread some #love . ❤❤❤ #betseyjohnson #smallwordsbigmeaning

When you finally find a tortilla pen holder for carrying your school necessities.... maybe this is why it took me so long to go back to school. I just needed the right tools?! #ialwayswantaburrito #tortilla #mswstudent #40yroldstudent #neworleans #selfcare

Perfect! This made me holler laugh! #scaredtomakefriends #IRL #layers

Check out my adorable "taxidermy" pendant from @_sweetmidnight_ ! So precious! Thanks Renee! ❤❤❤❤

When you aren't terribly fancy and are moving to a smaller apartment until the fall, you pack your wedding crystal in Converse boxes for storage. If anyone had told me just to take money for vacations instead of all this stuff we keep having to move around.... #maybeminimalismisforme? #neworleans #ugh #moving #butwearegonnabuyahouseinthefall ! #firstworldproblems

Lunch jamz with friends! I finally got Gab and Meghan in the same place. It's a busy beautiful day. I am grateful for all the love and people in my life. 💚❤🌟🖖🏽🎯 @gabriellegeiselmanmilone @_miss_meghan

I slept for 12 hours straight last night. I felt so free when I woke up. #neworleans #selfcare

I felt rockier this semester starting off. I pulled it off for mid semester grades, now to keep those A's til the end. I cannot wait to chill out for summer. Grad school is no joke. #mswstudent #40yroldstudent #imsotired #neworleans #conchitaismyname

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