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Burn Boot Camp Newport-Mesa  UNLIMITED camps (no wait list)-FREE child watch-FREE nutrition guidance 💙💪🏽🔥

Do you love pasta 🍝 and carbs 🥖!? Here are some healthier alternatives! Pick the pastas that are high in fiber and packed with some protein! Check out our Facebook for Britt’s live video on the topic: https://www.facebook.com/burnbootcampcostamesa/videos/2153470308215137/ 🤓
Anyone else have some healthy choices that are tried and true?! Share your favorite healthier pasta night dishes with us below 👇👇, we'd love to hear what your cooking! #absaremadeinthekitchen #foodisfuel #healthyishappy #cleaneats

Check out Alyssa's transformation! 🔥🔥She's one of our younger clients, a senior in high school, but she has been rocking her workouts and eating super healthy and now she's definitely seeing her hard work pay off! You probably see her in child care too, but she works hard at every camp each week..
Here's what Burn means to her: "Burn Boot Camp has turned into another home and as a whole is my motivation to keep pushing myself towards my goals. I never feel put down and always am encouraged to keep doing and being the best I can. I wouldn't be where I am at without Burn. " 💙💙Awesome Alyssa!! Keep it going! 👊🏼

TRAINER TUESDAY: Get to know your staff- the ones who are here to champion you and your goals. Here is CHRISTINA! 💙💙💙 ...
✨One interesting fact no one knows about you: I tore my L ACL in 9th grade and had complete ACL/MCL and miniscus reconstruction...
✨Favorite Burn Protocol Day: athletic conditioning 😅💪🏻 ...
✨Favorite snack: Rise Bars are great on the go 💃 ...
✨Favorite weeknight dinner: THISTLE - great salads that I order to make sure I stay on track when I don't have time to cook for myself. 👌🏻...
✨Favorite sweet treat: Rice krispie treats ...
We love you Christina! Thanks for helping us become the strongest and healthiest versions of ourselves 💙💙 #BurnBootcamp #empoweringwomen #fitnessmotivation

Meet Nicole and Ashley. These busy mamas can drop it like a SQUAT! 🔥🔥They are usually a part of the early morning crew but showed up at noon today because these girls are committed to giving 45 minutes to themselves to #chooseyou! They were an awesome team for partner leg day! 👯💙 Who else is feeling it from this morning?? Afternoon camps are you ready!? 👊🏼

This is a brand new week, Newport-Mesa! 🔥 Now is the time to prioritize your health and choose happiness. Let this be the week that you #ChooseYou! 💪 Our protocol is here! 👊🏻 Who’s ready to dominate this week?! 🔥 Give a shoutout to your #burnfam below and let them know when you’ll meet them on that floating floor!! See you tomorrow ! 🔥 #burnnewportmesa #BurnBootCamp #BurnNation #fitnessmotivation

Today we’re focusing on ENDURANCE, DISCIPLINE, STRENGTH, ATHLETE, and BEAST! 🔥How many total reps did you complete in the 1,000 rep challenge?!?🔥Post your rep count in the comments below 👇👇
Didn’t finish or haven’t been in yet?! We still have four more opportunities for you to complete the challenge - noon, 3:30, 4:30, & 5:30! See you then 👊🏼💙🔥

Form Focus: The SQUAT 🍑
This is one of the most functional and effective movements, an exercise we do constantly at Burn 🔥 It’s so important to get the form right to maximize the effort and prevent injury! Check out Bri’s form in these front and side view photos 👉🏼👉🏼 Proper form for a SQUAT: 👊🏼👊🏼
-Knees behind toes
-Weight in the heels
-Chest lifted, shoulders back and down
-Butt down (think SIT down instead of bow down) -Feet about shoulder width apart, toes pointed slightly outward
-Core engaged
-Aim to go below parallel on the way down

Main Muscles Targeted: ✨Quads

It is SO crucial to maintain proper form to maximize the benefits of this movement! Now time to start adding weight, plyometrics, etc. 😜

What is your WHY? WHY is it important for you to prioritize your fitness and CHOOSE YOU? When you wear your wristbands, think about the areas in your life that are positively impacted because you’re committed to your health. What is the ONE WAY that you will CHOOSE YOURSELF this month? Maybe it’s showing up to workout everyday for 45 min, maybe it’s healthy eating, maybe it’s alone time. Whatever it is, when you wear this wristband, let it be a reminder of your WHY and your HOW. 💙🔥💙 #chooseyou #burnbootcampcostamesa #fitmom #healthylifestyle .
If you haven’t made that commitment, now is the time to start!! Check us out for 30 days for $69 by clicking the link below 👇
https://burnbootcamp.com/promotions/choose-you/ 📸: @shastindiazphoto

Check out these beautiful mother/daughters!!💕They crushed leg day together 💙🔥💙
#burnbootcampcostamesa #burnsisters #motherdaughter

TRAINER TUESDAY: Get to know your staff- the ones who are here to champion you and your goals. Let’s start with BRITT! 💙💙💙 ...
✨One interesting fun fact no one knows about you: I minored in history (I love history esp Renaissance and US history!!). I’ve eaten pigs ear and live crickets during my travels through s. Korea and South Asia. Pigs ear promote healthy and beautiful skin due to the collagen component - nice and chewy! 😜 ...
✨Favorite exercise: burpees and pull ups
✨Favorite Burn protocol day (metabolic conditioning, lower strength, whatever...): lower body (bootayyy days are the best 🍑) or full body conditioning (full body sweat fest days are awesome!)
✨Favorite snack: peanut butter perfect bar, cottage cheese with avocado 🥑 and hot sauce, chips and salsa
... ✨Favorite weeknight dinner: if I’m meal prepping turkey burgers (stuffed with veggies) or salmon, if I’m eating out I love the hosum salad from Hosum bistro (minor obsession), poke bowl from poke tiki or fish tacos basically from any Mexican food establishment but my fav is Catalina fish kitchen! ...
✨Favorite sweet treat: chocolate anything! Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate fro yo, chocolate cake, chocolate shake... if it has chocolate on it, in it, on top of it, I’m into it.

#BurnBootcamp #empoweringwomen #fitnessmotivation

Meet Jame!! 👋💙Jame is coming back strong after baby #2! She is a busy working mom (nurse) and has been coming to Burn since the very beginning! She has such a positive energy and always gives 110% at every camp.  She's staying on top of her focus meetings and works hard to achieve her goals! We love having you in the gym Jame! Keep it up! If you see her the gym at your camp give her a high five and say hi! 👏💪🏻🔥#fitmom #healthyishappy #fitnessmotivation #burnbootcamp

🔥 We’ve got an amazing week of workouts ahead 🔥 and a brand new opportunity to choose health, choose happiness, and choose you 👆 What will you be doing for YOU this week and how many camps will YOU be attending? Comment below and let us know 💙 #CHOOSEYOU #BurnNewportMesa #community #fitness

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