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🔥Awarding Franchises🔥  Burn is a lifestyle transformation program that inspires, empowers, and transforms the lives of women and their communities! DM us to learn more!


These #BurnSisters have totally redefined the term “weighted wall sits”... 🔥😂💪 #Repost @fitt.with.britt
No case of the Monday’s 🙈Wall sit challenge #burnsisters #burnbootcamp #BurnNation #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnesschallenge

We 💗 seeing you crush these challenges with your Burn Sisters, Burn Nation!! Let's do #ModUpMonday right! We challenge you to take a photo or video of you doing weighted wall sits with your swolemates today! 💗 Upload them to your social media with #BurnSisters so we can see them! #BurnBootCamp #fitnesschallenge

Are you ready to take on the week, Burn Nation?! 🔥 Our weekly protocol has arrived and we're feeling pumped and ready to WORK! Who's with us?! 🔥 #BurnBootCamp

Two claps 👏👏 for the ladies of @burnbootcampconcord killing our v-up challenge this morning!! Who thinks a DJ at camp should be a more regular thing?! #Repost @burnbootcampconcord
We had a DJ that brought extra energy to camp this morning! #BurnSisters took on the @burnbootcamp V Up Challenge! #burnbootcamp #dj #BurnNation #fitness

Happy Saturday, Burn Nation! ❣️ Let's get ready to crush shoulder/core/leg day!! While you're at it, share some footage of you and your Burn Sisters busting through some v-ups to end this workout week STRONG! ❣️💪 Don't forget to hashtag #BurnSisters so we can see it! #BurnBootCamp

This story has been tearing at our heartstrings all day!! 💙 The love that surrounds our community of strong and empowered women is unlike any other. 🔥 Read about @burntallahassee member Toni’s Burn-sisterly love below!! ⬇️
#Repost @burntallahassee
BURNSISTER LOVE 💙 Toni was dreading the end of #raisethebar and the prospect of not spending time each day with her 9:30 #burnsisters - 😭 but at their ritual post-camp coffee date on the final day of the challenge, her Burnsisters REFUSED to say goodbye. 🔥 Instead, they presented her with a FitCard so she could keep her happy place. 💙 THAT IS BURNSISTER LOVE!💙 👏🏻👏🏻 #burntally #bleedblue #burnsisters #strongwomen #fitnessmotivation #bekind #spreadlove #payingitforward

We LOVED seeing you share videos of your partner hand slap pull-ups yesterday, Burn Nation! 🔥 Keep them coming--celebrate the Galentines in your life by filming jump squats with your Burn Sisters today!! Post your pictures or videos on your social media & don't forget to tag #BurnSisters so we can see them!! 💜 #BurnBootCamp #jumpsquats

Check out these #BurnSister partner hand slap push-ups!! 🔥 You’re killing it! #Repost @johnkjams
I use this public Insta primarily for my #jamberry biz but also to showcase things I love like food, cats and a healthy lifestyle. 😎 So today I want to share @burnbootcamp because it is amazing! The workouts, trainers and community are second to none and you can try a 14 day trial completely free! I encourage you to see if there is one near you and give it a shot. 💪😊 #burnsisters #partnerpushups #burnbootcamp #fitmom

And that’s a wrap on #RaiseTheBar2018, Burn Nation!! 🔥 You’ve gained strength, higher PRs, AND lifelong friends! 💙 To celebrate the friendships and bonds you’ve made with each other, take a photo or video of you doing partner hand slap push-ups with your Burn Sister today and share it on social media!! 💪 Don’t forget to tag #BurnSisters!! 🔥 #BurnBootCamp

Happy Valentine’s Day, Burn Nation! 💙 Check out #BurnSisters Jody and Emily of @burnbootcamppittsford working together to finish this partner leg circuit!! Two claps for you, ladies!! 👏👏 Killing those banded mountain climber sliders and partner #Bosu ball wall sit. Legs ✔️ Shoulders ✔️ Core ✔️ Balance ✔️ Accountability ✔️ and of course, the high five! ✔️✋ #burnsisters #partners #legday #burn #burnbootcamp #burnbootcamppittsford #valentinesday #partnerworkout #fitness #exercise

🔥 Show some love for Brittany’s INCREDIBLE transformation at @gilbertburnbootcamp!! 🔥After signing up for the free trial and getting hooked on Burn, Brittany has lost 40 pounds and continues to crush her goals!! 💪 Check out her amazing story below: ⬇️
“Before @gilbertburnbootcamp I felt tired all the time. I was depressed and completely unhappy with my appearance. My self-esteem was non-existent. I felt whenever I went out in public with my family or friends, I was a total embarrassment to them. I felt like I was robbing my kids of fully being able to be active with their Mother, since I would always sit on the bench and watch them play.”
“When I saw the 30-day free trial for the grand opening of this location, I ignored it a handful of times for fear that it was for women that were already ‘fit.’ I believed there was no way I could do the exercises that the trainer would ask me to do. I believed that people at the gym would tear me down, would make fun of me. I had tried ‘everything else,’ so I thought, what would make this any different?”
“To date,
a.) I have lost 40 pounds
b.) Increased my muscle mass,
c.) I have so much more confidence and my self-esteem has sky rocketed. My new motto is ‘Mind over Matter.’
d.) Some of my main goals to get out of @gilbertburnbootcamp were to lose weight, gain muscle and to be the healthiest version of me that I can be; I have definitely lost weight and gained muscle. I am still working toward my goals to be the healthiest version of me.”
“I have so much energy now. I feel stronger, healthier and happy. I love going to Burn Boot Camp to work out, see my trainers, and work out with my Swole Sisters!! I owe it all to Burn for helping me find the best version of me, and I will be forever grateful!!!!!” - Brittany McCoy, @gilbertburnbootcamp #BurnBootCamp #BurnNation #transformation #transformationtuesday #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration #fitnessgoals #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation

Happy Mod ⬆️ Monday, Burn Nation! 🔥 Check our these INTENSE mods from @burnbootcamphuntersville trainers @mattyrm9 and @ashleybeasley80! Tag your trainer below if you want to see them try these!! ⬇️ (And for the record, we’d love to see a blooper reel!
#Repost @burnbootcamphuntersville
@burnbootcamphuntersville Trainers @mattyrm9 and @ashleybeasley80 broke out #5forFriday Partner Mod 🔼 Exercises!
Tag a friend👇🏻and try one of these out in the gym together!
Who wants to see the blooper reel 🎞? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ #BurnBootCamp #ModUpMonday #personaltraining #BurnNation #BleedBlue #fitness #fitnesschallenge

Wait for it...
. . .
@burnbootcampsurprise 😯

It’s been an amazing six weeks of #RaiseTheBar2018, Burn Nation, and we’ve LOVED watching you crush your PR’s week after week!! Let’s finish it off strong! Who’s ready for our Raise The Bar circuit on Tuesday?! You won’t want to miss it! 🔥 #BurnBootCamp #BurnNation

Don’t tell anyone my secret...shhhh!

So make every single one count! 🔥 #BurnBootCamp #BurnNation #fitnessmotivation

Way to go, ladies!! Check out these @burnbootcampmanchester clients celebrating ALL fitness levels during these equalizer sprinters!! It’s what we’re all about! 🔥💙 #BurnBootCamp #burnbootcampmanchester #BurnNation #equalizers #sprinter #highfive

What a great way to describe #legday at Burn Boot Camp: a time to light your legs up... and dance while you’re doing it!! 🔥 We 💙 this, @burnlexingtonsc!! Thanks for sharing! #Repost @burnlexingtonsc
#humpdayhumor Brana and Ashley break it down while mini-band shuffling this morning! 🤣👏🏼 Burn Lexington... a place to light your legs up, and dance while you’re doing it! 🔥💙
#BurnLexington #BurnBootCamp #LegDay @burnbootcamp #BurnNation #BleedBlue #fitness #fitnessgoals #dancing

#DropYourSugar Tip of the Day: Next time you’re craving a snack, swap sugary, flavored yogurt for plain coconut milk yogurt! 🥥
The average serving of a flavored yogurt has around 20 grams of sugar!! 🤭 While yogurt is packed with probiotics, magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and potassium, these health benefits get cancelled out by the crazy amount of added sugar! 👎 Opting for plain coconut milk yogurt is SO much better for reaping those bountiful nutritious benefits.
Check out our recipe that’s great for satiating your hunger and conquering your sugar cravings! Reach for this the next time your sweet tooth kicks in: ⬇️
✔️ 1 serving plain coconut milk yogurt
✔️ 1 tablespoon honey
✔️ 1/2 cup sliced strawberries
✔️ 1/4 cup sliced almonds (for an added crunch!) 👍🏻
#BurnBootCamp #BurnNation #RaiseTheBar2018 #imraisingmybar #sugar #lowsugar #healthyeating #nutrition #recipes #breakfast #yogurt #coconutmilk

The “Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street in NYC says so much about what Burn Stands for...check out @devan.kline doing a tribute to her this morning!
. . .
#empower #women #juststrong #burnbootcamp #fearless #imraisingmybar #dailydevan #wallstreet #fearlessgirl #statue #nyc #newyork #comingsoon

🔥 We’re so excited to announce that Burn Boot Camp and our Founder @devan.kline are currently on a media tour in NYC and will be stopping by @healthmagazine and @selfmagazine!!🔥
Make sure to TUNE IN tomorrow, 2/7, at 10:30 EST on @healthmagazine’s Facebook page for a live FULL BODY WORKOUT with @devan.kline and @burnbootcampcornelius Trainer @bethwilliamsfitness!! You won’t want to miss this killer workout and the opportunity to send Devan and Beth your love and support, Burn Nation!! 🔥 #BurnBootCamp #BurnNation #NYC #health #self #healthmagazine #selfmagazine #bleedblue #fitness #fullbodyworkout

Superhero presses for the win!! 💪 These @burnbootcampcornelius clients are CRUSHING it! 🔥 #BurnBootCamp #BurnNation #superhero #fitness #exercise

Burn Nation, make sure to tune in to our Instagram Stories tomorrow, 2/6, for our #TrainerTakeover! February’s Trainer of the Month, Fabio Alicea, of @burnbootcampwilmington is taking you up close and personal into the life of a Burn Trainer. You won’t want to miss it! 🔥 #BurnBootCamp #BurnNation #BurnTrainer #TrainerTakeover

Check @emhuebs, Head Trainer of @burnbootcampnorwood, #raisingthebar! Tag your trainer to challenge them to this move, and remember to continue sharing your progress with #imraisingmybar!!🔥 #Repost @emhuebs
Monday Funday
Next stop stability balls 💪🏻
#burnbootcamp #raisethebar #imraisingmybar #trainerlife #girlpushups @burnbootcamp @burnbootcampnorwood

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