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burke kelleher  lynchburg college '20 // burg equestrian // snap & twitter: ebkelleher

I don’t know about you, but I’m feelin 22 :)

I hope you had a beer-ific 21st birthday 2puck:)

when I think of puns, the sky’s really the limit. But don’t let that pun cloud your judgment when I say tess is the real view #loveyougf

I’m pretty shore no one likes a shady beach

sea you next week oki! (had to have a punny caption) but on a more serious note, ever since I started getting posted on popular social media platforms I began to get a lot of hate on my body and on the way I looked. It used to really get to me but I started spending a lot of time focusing on myself and working on self compassion that I can proudly say I love everything about myself & my body. I was severely depressed about 2 years ago from getting so much hate on social media that it really affected how I looked at myself and how I interacted with other people. It got to the point where I hated myself, didn’t have any motivation to do anything or even think about a future. I’m posting this to bring awareness to the fact that words can hurt and really affect someone in a negative way, whether that was your goal when you commented on their body, face, etc, or not. I used to really take peoples comments to heart and want to reply back to every single one with the same negativity they did. I wanted to bring people down bc I was feeling down about myself. But I have gotten to a place where I am extremely happy with myself and the way I look so negative comments will never change that or change who I am as a person. You shouldn’t judge someone based on their appearance or life choices, for 1) its their life and their body but also 2) bc they could be the most genuine person you’ve ever met but you already decided who they were before getting to know them. I know we all judge and assume things but keep it to yourself instead of pointing out someones insecurities or trying to make them feel bad about themselves. You never know what that person could be going through at that moment and one negative comment could affect their lives or cause them to harm themselves or worse. My point for this whole novel of a caption is that I want people to think before commenting something mean about someone they know nothing about and instead use kindness. Handling someone who is rude or mean to you in a way you would like to be treated is much more effective. The battle they are fighting isn’t w/ you, it’s with themselves. #spreadkindness

my best friends are a-door-able! (sorry couldn’t think of a better pun g2g)

always sole-searching

I like my eyelashes as dark as my soul and my highlight as bright as my future

*road work ahead*
Uh yeah I sure hope it does!

trying to think of a mirror pun is making me reflect on my captions

I’m feeling blue bc I’m not chilean in Santiago rn

still looking for all the fox(field) I’m supposed to give

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