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Burger King  The official Instagram of Burger King USA. 👻BurgerKing

they’re what you want. what you really, really want. spicy chicken nuggets are back. 🔥

well, I’ll be! it’s the K.F.G.! the king of flame-grilling is introducing his new flame-grilled chicken sandwich with juicy white meat chicken and sweet honey mustard. it’s flame-grilled good!

sometimes you really just need this many 👐 nuggets.

we’ll decide what’s “too much,” k?

us: did you know the double croissan'wich is at burger king with double meat and double cheese in between buttery croissants?

the whopper’s out of the bag. keep eating like Andy. #EatLikeAndy

and you thought you were strong enough to resist crunchy, powdered-sugary funnel cake fries.

is this blend of creamy soft serve and crunchy M&M’S pieces modern art?
just say yes.

preppin’ for the big game… want to join us? order the Mystery Box on @doordash, using the promo code MYSTERYBOX, and follow the steps provided.

crazy: putting “cake” and “fries” in the same sentence. insane: adding “powdered-sugary goodness.” introducing funnel cake fries, now at burger king.

the optimum beef-to-bun ratio. or, in other words: yum.

when you really just want to pour a bag of M&M’S in your mouth, but want soft serve, too. we got you. introducing the M&M’S shake.

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