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Burger King  The official Instagram of Burger King USA. 👻BurgerKing

the spicy hiatus is over. get 10 spicy nuggets for just $1.69, today at BK.

we heard florals were in this weekend. 🌸👑🌸#BKFlowerCrown

new sourdough king. say  c h e e s e

live like a king. a sourdough king.

you a morning sourdough person or a night sourdough person?

introducing the Chocolate Whopper.
coming soon.

the new Sourdough KING is delicious. but is it a burger or a sandwich? what do you think? #TeamBurger #TeamSandwich

is the new Sourdough King a burger or a sandwich? we asked our guests what they thought, and things got heated. which side are you on? #TeamBurger #TeamSandwich #Burgwich

spice up your 2 for $6 mix and match game with the new spicy crispy chicken sandwich, WHOPPER, and crispy chicken sandwich.

just like Conor, a deal this good is hard to beat.

meet the perfect amount of heat. the spicy crispy sandwich has arrived.

it's an honor to meet this King, from one King to another...@TheNotoriousMMA #spicycrispychickensandwich

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