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My final lunch on the 3 day refresh :) I woke up this morning and was down 6.5 lbs since starting the Refresh on Monday... will give the final lbs lost tomorrow morning! I have gotten so used to *creating* a meal and I totally forgot the beauty and simplicity of a picnic lunch. The Refresh emphasizes simple, whole foods in the correct combinations of macros at specific times throughout the day. It has helped me cleanse from sugar and coffee and has me feeling awesome and energetic after 3 days... no cravings, no crashing.
And it helped me find my new favorite healthy snack - summer squash raw "chips" and hummus... yum!!
#3dayrefresh #cleaneats #picniclunch #brokemyplateau #kickstart

My lunch on 3 day Refresh today! Day 1 is the hardest - cant wait to have the energy and results at the end of day 3!!
#3dayrefresh #mindsetmonday #kickstart #bunzfitness

Day 89 - looks like we maybe in this fancy bathroom longer than expected so I am trying to figure out the best way to get back to the daily pictures because they hold me accountable and keep me on track!!! Healthy eating all day and a quick 10-minute back up workout was enough for this chick today! #momlife #boymomlife #bunzfitness #changeyourmindchangeyourlife #digdeep #backontrack

This kid makes every single day for me!!
#oliverbernardbauer #boymomlife #perfectbaby #sohappy❤️ #mywhy💙

Day 88 - still going!! I'm so excited to feel great in this dress... I used to have awesome shoulders and I feel like I'm really getting them back with the help of Shift Shop!! We still aren't at home in my normal mirror situation with great lighting but I wanted to take this moment to be grateful for feeling confident showing off the old shoulders!
This journey is a stop-and-go, grit-and-grace type of journey. It doesn't happen overnight but it's important to celebrate the victories!!
#bunzfitness #changeyourmindchangeyourlife #neverturningback #boymomlife #gritandgrace

Ok, so I have been doing my homework while I've been out of town and I am super excited about this challenge!⠀

I have been struggling with the heat and sticking to healthy foods because I have been so used to cooking but man, it is so much easier to throw together a turkey sandwich on a hot day! SO... in this challenge, I am going to be sharing all kinds of cool, healthy recipes that do NOT involve turning on the hot stove, opening a piping hot oven, or standing over a blistering grill!⠀

It's going to be all about cleansing and detoxing with an abundance of healthy cool foods to get ready to bring in the fall (i.e. skinny jeans season). ⠀

This is the perfect time of year to commit to your health!⠀

interested? like this post and we'll get going!!!
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Anyone else's little babes regressing into needing to be held ALL the time and refusing anyone but mom or dad??
I'm worried about starting Round 2 of Shift Shop tomorrow because I think workouts will have to happen SUPER early in the morning in order for him to stay asleep... who has early morning workout hacks???
#nevermissamonday #shiftshop #coachneedshelp #boymomlife #beachbodycoach

Taking a little time to relax on this Saturday afternoon and feed my soul with a little personal development... Mindset is everything!! If you want to take my free 5 day fitness mindset challenge, the link to sign up is in my bio! Let me know if it helps!!
Happy Saturday :)
#boymomlife #changeyourmindchangeyourlife #bunzfitness #soulsaturday #fitness #happyday

My son's nap time... we are out of town again so no crib! Instead he has puppies for bumpers!
#oliverbernardbauer #mywhy💙 #perfectbaby #puppylove

Back in Va with the man... he's taking me to dinner tonight :)
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