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Mike  Motion Capture, 3D Scanning and Photographer at Sony Playstation San Diego. Last games shipped - Uncharted The Lost Legacy and Knack II.

Farewell Japan. I'm on the plane now headed back to California.

The rides here are slightly different, but Splash Mountain is a hundred times better in Tokyo. It actually has a concise story instead of the u.s. version that is just all the aninatronics from America Sings.

Ok. I may have jumped off my train to Tokyo so I could stay in Kyoto longer. It's pouring rain, but I can't get enough of the old Japan. Currently I'm in Gion.

So tonight at dinner in Osaka, one of the customers at kushikatsu ran out and bought me a lighter. No reason. He just did it and then ran off into the night without even allowing me to give him a thank you. This in a nutshell are the locals in Osaka. Not the tourists that 95% Of them are just pushing their way through and giving the locals a hard time. This is why I feel so dumb that I didn't stay in Osaka longer. :( They just start up conversations with strangers and have an incredible sense of humor. I'm truly beginning to understand my Osaka friends and where they get it from....and yes I know wfat the lighter says. Lol. Pretty much, "What the heck are you looking at"?

So it turns out I really love Kyoto. I know tart Inari Shrine us tourist spot number one, but is insane how big and beautiful it is. That plus most of the people visiting the shrine are wearing Kimonos...even if they are just visitors and it just mashed it that much cooler.

Why hello Kyoto. Time to see as much has I can before the sun guys down... which is soon

Well here I am at my favorite whisky distillery. It's a shame you can't buy it. Lol. Just tasters. $29 for a taste of 25 year. Today I'm tasting their distillery exclusive hakushu and Yamazaki as well as the 12 year aged in Puncheon barrels.

Oh man. Curse this game. I saw everyone playing it and then next thing I know I'm getting the arcade announcement that they're closing. Three hours playing this. Kantai collection. Curse you Sega for bringing this to arcades.

The first Okonomiyaki in Osaka. Oh man I wish we had a designated Okonomiyaki restaurant in San Diego. So good.

Oh no. With Ahmed's help I found the Akihabara of Osaka. It might even be better,because the shops are so much more easier to navigate through and they're separated out. I want yo spend every penny at the clothing store. Lol.

@mikky884 Surprised me with this! An Alice in Wonderland Cafe!!! They had no idea that Alice is my favorite book and Disney cartoon. Bad food, but it's so worth it for the atmosphere and girls dressed as Alice and Mad Hatter. Much better than a maid cafe and it was half the price.

My friend @mikky884 took me on a nice little night walk through Osaka and to the famous Osaka Castle.

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