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Just Your Average Jane  Herrrooo Everybozie~~ Thanks for dropping by :D Mascots and Animations COST πŸ’°πŸ’° 😈Mailing Address:😈 Ilean- PO Box 52475 Riverside, CA 92517


πŸ˜‚ tried doing human Ninkun...realized he needed more clothes lol. Aside from the head I got really lazy for everything else...didnt wanna work on it anymore Dx


What happens when you give your hubby your extra yummiibear donut and yummiibear.
YummiiUFO Donut anyone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚? @creamiicandy @yummiibear


With @creamiicandy blessing I'm putting up some squishies for trade! I'm only interested in Wishlist squishies (see previous 2 posts before this post) OR non-squishy related items.

Not interested in:
🚫 Stationary
🚫 Slime
🚫 Kawaii items
🚫 Stuff animals
🚫 Basic Art Supplies (i.e- Crayola)

Interested in:
βœ… Squishy Wishlist Items
βœ… Electronics βœ… Professional Art Supplies (i.e-Copic)

Rules: - 18+ or Parents Permission
- Send First w/ Tracking
- Don't ask if you can trade 😊 just tell me what you have to offer and what you're interested in. I won't respond otherwise.
- DM me all offers WITH pictures/videos, I won't respond otherwise
#squishy #squishies #squishytrade

Squishy wishlist part 2

Squishy wishlist part 1

A little cussing but it's not like you guys haven't seen "bad words" before lol. A very important message that I think more people need to see in the community regarding how they treat others.

Just because you have a "right" to say something doesn't mean you should. Freedom of Speech doesn't mean Freedom to be Rude and Obnoxious.

The three Yummiibear donuts given to me by the generous @puni_maru and @creamiicandy
@estrellapatron did an AMAZING JOB designing the watermelon and orange!

I absolutely LOVE them!

Which is your favorite?

#squishy #squishies #squishyreview

Yummiibear Starry Night and Cloudy Angel Squishies by @creamiicandy
Amazing packaging designed by @hollycopter10 XD so cute!! The starry night one smells like blueberries!! The cloudy angel one smells like laundry detergent πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I personally prefer the starry night. More fast rising than most of the other yummiibear but no less cute!! #squishy #squishies #squishyreview

😱😱😱😱 I'm always more than happy to trade for this value, but why all the squishies I want so hard to find/expensive?! #socloseyetsofaraway

Cute Cupcakes and Cute Tarts sent by @puni_maru !! Thank you again to both them and @creamiicandy.

These smell the BEST OF ANY squishy I've ever had!! They smell like strawberry shortcake and smell good enough to eat!! What's your favorite design?

My favorite design: Pink Strawberry Heart Tart!

#squishy #squishies #squishyreview (That's Zelda: BOTW and my dogs playing in the background lol)

Thank you @atlovepink and @chii_itchybunz!!! I love everything!! My two dream squishies (And the cutest extra ever!!!) Are now mine!!! Just need the kiki bagel and chopper toast and croissant and I'm done with these series!! #raresquishy

Thank you @puni_maru and @creamiicandy for this lovely surprise package!!! I'll be showing them on my live and individually later πŸ˜‚ how many of each series are there even?! Help me count?

#squishy #squishies #squishyreview

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