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Just Your Average Jane  Herrrooo Everybozie~~ Thanks for dropping by :D Mascots and Animations COST πŸ’°πŸ’° 😈Mailing Address:😈 Ilean- PO Box 52475 Riverside, CA 92517


Ninkun Redesign. Poor guy is probably going to go through about 10-20 redesigns before I'm happy with his design XD
The last design I made that way because it was supposed to be turned into a squishy so I simplified a lot of things to make it possible. But I like this scruffy Ninkun so much better! Probably gonna redesign him again later XD I always find things when I'm animating that I wanna change. (And I have to clean him up...line art and stuff Dx I don't like linearting)

My birthday is coming up soon, so to celebrate my one year around the sun what should I do?

I was thinking a contest, but I don't have very many extra/duplicate squishies at the moment. Plus they take a while to set up and a lot of work to create, maintain, and judge.
I'm working on a collab one right now so I don't want too much on my plate just this very second.
Suggestions πŸ˜€?

Loving the new Splatoon 2 game!! Time with All night gaming with my hubby!

Starting the process to make my own custom squishies~ πŸ˜‰ can you guess what my first one is gonna be?
It's a game I've been currently OBSESSING over!

THANK YOU @qts.spam!!! I love this so much!! If anyone knows where I can find more please tell me!

#onepiecesquishy #raresquishy #squishyrare #squishy #squishies #squishyhunt

XD Free toy~

For your free Barkbox just message me for the code!

My whole personal collection πŸ˜€

Saw some people posting theirs and I wanted to share mine! Looks a lot different than it did in January and is only filled with squishies I personally adore!

Anyone have the same squishies ? πŸ˜— How big are your collections?

#squishy #squishies

Congratulations to the four winners!! Please contact @amourieofficial for your prizes. As always this was so difficult to judge because I wanted everyone to win! But unfortunately that wasn't possible. As always, if you want to know why you won or why you didn't please message me with you entry and I can give you a full breakdown~
Remember that you can only get better with each contest but only if you make the effort to get better!
Unlike previous contests, you have a week to contact before I have to choose new winners (since I'm not the one providing prizes). Please refrain from self-degrading comments; it is really upsetting to read since these contests should have a focus on fun, not just on prizes and winning.


Please do not ask when they will be announced. Doing so will disqualify your entry (I get at least 20 people asking every contest πŸ˜…)

:D still have these up for trade! (Slides 2 and 3 are wishlist items)

Only willing to trade for BNIP (meaning no cracks, package is STILL sticky, and very few (if any) manufacturing defects πŸ˜… I'm very particular)

Also looking for Jingle Bell squishies! And Pokemon squishies! And digimon squishies!
Open to trading for electronics (Like headphones or something for the PS4). If you read this far I have some squishies available for trade that aren't on this list ;) just message me your offer and THEN I'll show them ❀

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH @psweetsquishy!! Their Deer Gelato is beyond adorable, MID RISE level squishiness which is my favorite, and it has a fruity smell to it!!! These are so limited in stock that you guys have to get one as SOON AS THEY COME OUT or they WILL run out!! I'm excited for the male ones to come out too and I'm snatching one for myself! Don't wait until they become rare squishies and regret Not buying one!

#squishy #squishies #squishyreview #squishygift

We subscribed to a barkbox because it was cheaper than what we were getting for our dogs every month XD

OMG I LOVE EVERYTHING!! (Not that it matters XD as long as Moki and Ezio love it and they DO!) :D if you want to subscribe to barkbox and get your first box FREE just message me or use this code! https://www.barkbox.com/r/TKJGR7G1FQ

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