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Just Your Average Jane  Herrrooo Everybozie~~ Thanks for dropping by :D Mascots and Animations COST πŸ’°πŸ’° 😈Mailing Address:😈 Ilean- PO Box 52475 Riverside, CA 92517


if I don't respond for WHATEVER reason, give me until Monday. Signal will be finicky and I'm not trying to avoid anyone; I might see messages at times but not be able to connect long enough to actually reply.

Everyone who needs tracking or needs to be notified of delayed deliveries or assignments have been notified! If not please message me ASAP.

Thank you so much @squishybobas!!! Omg I'm in so much happiness right now!!! Chopper bun!!!!!!!

😱😱😱 how is it so high?! Ambitious, but if I can get up to 10k before May 5th (when the other contest ends) I'll probably host another squishy contest!! Give me ideas on what to do!


Sorry last time I'm posting this sale on this account, but I'll be out of town for a bit and wanted to get any orders I could out and shipped today.
These are all the things I have left for sale. I'm not having anymore grab bags; that time has passed!

But if you would like to support my sales prices below :) shipping is $3 extra

Kakigori $35
Areedy Chicken Leg $15
Areedy Mango $15
Kiibru rabbit $13
IBloom Banana Blue $20
IBloom Banana Pink $20
British Royal Toast $20
British Royal Toast Green $20
IBloom mini cat $13
Cheeki Mini Lemon $13

No add on prices

:O yesssss burgers everywhere!!!! Image from @modes4ucom

Not too late to join!! A total of FIVE WINNERS (3 in the single image category and 2 in the comic category) lots of Puni-Maru and iBloom squishies for prizes!

Scroll down my page to the first post of this for all the rules!
Theme: Squishy Sadness

Ends May 5th!


:D excited for these! Which face is your favorite?

I love the green face best but wish he was on the pink banana (favorite color XD)

#squishy #squishies

:D anyone know where I can find these all Brand new in Packaging? These are probably the only squishies I'd want to buy/trade for XD
#squishywishlist #squishyhunt

😍😍 came out great

Have a few more things I'm working on, but this may be one of the last designs I'm doing for a while; thinking about going on hiatus for a bit.

XD all shipments are finally done and all tracking sent! Whew, never shipped that many things out at once nor spent that much on shipping.

At this point I feel like I have enough experience to just open up my own store lol

Squishy Section at a Sanrio store in the mall. XD found some Maneki neko knock offs, @bunnyscafe knock offs, IBloom knock offs, and a lot of squishies that have never been there before.

Was an interesting thing to see.

Doing a "Grab Item" bag. I'm selling each one for $12+$3 shipping ($15 shipped for EACH purchase). You'll get one RANDOM squishy from the ones in the post. You can not pick the one you want, but try your hand at luck and you just might get a $25-35 squishy for no more than $15!! All Licensed and Mostly BNIP. All have a market value OVER $15 so no loss~ Only doing this sale for today because I'm shipping everything out tomorrow.

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