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bunnymama  5 rescue house bunnies (spayed, neutered, litter box trained & cage free) Moo, Tato, Taffy, Bowie & Ellie Eddy & Rambo 🐼🐻🌈✨ 💌thebunnymama@gmail.com

He's terrible at hiding 😂 #goodtrythough

Ellie shakes her tail when she's happy 😂


"Everything I know about being human I learned from animals." ❤️

Will love for food ☺️❤️

I woke up like dis #nofilter

Game night with Mr. @worriedpotato ☺️🏒

Rambo ❤️☀️🐰🦋


Tato is worried about people buying bunnies for Easter. Please don't make him worry. 😰❤️ Rabbits do not make good “starter” pets for children. This common misunderstanding of rabbits as easy pets leads to many impulse purchases of bunnies during Easter time followed by the surrender of many bunnies to animal shelters shortly after Easter.

Everyone considering bringing home a bunny should know:
• Rabbits are not “low-maintenance” pets — they need as much care and attention as dogs and cats.
• Most children lose interest in a live bunny after only a few weeks.
• Rabbits need regular veterinary care by a vet with additional training in exotics.
• Rabbits have an average lifespan of 8-14 years.
• Rabbits are the third most frequently surrendered animal at shelters, and the third most euthanized.
• According to an ASPCA study, rabbits are more expensive to own than cats or guinea pigs — coming just after dogs in expense.

This Easter, stick to cuddly toys and chocolate, however, if you really want rabbits do your research and wait until after Easter when the bunny hype has died down. Rabbits make wonderful pets, but should not be given as Easter gifts, neither should chicks or ducklings.

Have a good day!

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