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They finally arrived!!! Chunji bajet gila jalan tangan masuk poket, penumbuk nak? Hahahaha its so cute when they wave to angels when they heard the scream lol my friend said airport was too noisy and crazy at that time haha I wish I was there

Chanhee tweeted in bahasa guysss "Sampai ketemu nanti" lol Chanhee why so cute can I punch you once! HAHAHA No I know I can't I might be die as soon as I meet him how can I lol. I'm proud that he did tried to impress us Malaysian's angels! God bless you boy! Meet you tomorrow!

Oh god please don't stop being this cool chanhee.. keep it up boy! I think Chanhee forgot about the weather here or he just didn't know about it lol he wears such a thick sweater lmao you gonna be sweat a lot boy 😂😂 Malaysia is 24/7 hot! Plus you coming here make Malaysia more even hotter than before!!

They scheduled to be here at 9.55pm. Lot of angels already at airport right now waiting for them ready their throat to scream shouting Cap! Chunji! Ricky! Changjo! and Niel! I can't go to airport so I just shout from here haha and let's not forget about how cool Chanhee is, wearing a watch and put his hand in pocket 😍😍 omg can't wait to meet him!

Teentop already in their way to Malaysia guess who eggsaited?! Me! Me!

Hi everyone! Me is back! As you know teentop is coming to Malaysia to perform in KWAVE Music Festival. As you know Malaysia is my country and I'm going!! Who also going, raise your hand!

P/s. I'm not Fiya. I'm the another admin who never upload smtg😅 so hi!

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