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Ryan Bunker  I love riding steep terrain. Promoting mother nature and world peace.

Glaciers are living breathing things... it's sad to see them go. When we started the season in May we had to walk over 100' from the terminus to get up to this hole. As the season progressed this hole became the new terminus of the glacier. As much as I wanna spew facts about climate change and how these changes make me feel, I choose to simply appreciate mother glacier. Thanks @mccarthy_case for the photo I cant wait for the next adventure.

Sometimes you don't need to set up a 3:1 to do a rescue. My mom and I were driving out the road in Juneau when we saw this pup wondering by herself. The dog came right up to our car and rolled over. I knew we had to help. I was glad I had rope to make a leash. We formed a plan, traversed a black bear and after an hour of problem solving we got this pup back to her family.

After hauling weight for others all summer long, my favorite days are when I'm hauling it for myself.

First time using an ice bollard with @andrew.hamm.144

There was a time our friend fell and luckily avoided this hole. His axe wasn't quite so lucky. When the idea was brought up that we could use a second axe to rescue it I was hesitant. But with quick decision making, 15' of cordelette and some luck we hauled it out just before sun down. This made me think instructors and books are right when always recommending leashes.

@madi_but found this chicken of the woods on our hike today.

"Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans." -Jacques Yves Cousteau

I love glacier.

Thanks 📸@andrew.hamm.144

This is what your boots look like after a 12hr day in AK. #fullbooter

Tlingit Graff

Whether were spelunking or debunking the idea that you cant tandem self-arrest on dry ice, my mom has always taught me that life is not a spectator sport. #cabbagelife

A sunny day at the Hole In The Wall glacier. 🌡

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