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Brittany Renner  There will never be another... My book Judge This Cover is out now!!!

“Do YoU wAnT a PsYcHiC?” No, just a man who has a fucking clue lol do you know any? Asking for myself

If you don’t get it then maybe you’re just not meant to 😶

Music and somebody that can make me feel like this >

I just wanted to meet the person I referenced in my book, and in the process I gained a friend I am proud to have @itsteannatrump 💛 Separation is the greatest illusion...

Sweater: @theshiggyshow (energy and ugly faces not included) 🎄

Last look in this style from @diamonddynastyvirginhair...I’m ready to try one of their wigs lol can’t wait to get my hair done next week 👀🤫😆 You can use my promo code: BOB10 for $10 off

Healthy habits like eating right and exercising often are not easy things to make routine especially this time of year as I’m traveling! This is why I’m a #teamipartner and why I still drink my @teamiblends skinny tea every👏🏽single👏🏽day👏🏽 (colon every other night). I’ll skip the gym and grab something quick and easy every once in a while during this busy season and when I do my abs stop peeking through and I hate that! I know this is totally normal and my body knows it’s not going to be lean meat and veggies forever 😂 but the @teamiblends detox has been a huge help towards keeping my stomach flat. I’m heading into the new year looking better than ever 🔥 Use my code: BRITR25 for 25% off yours during their Holiday sale 🎄 #thankyouteami

i’M a ThOt BuT yOu StAlK mE 🤳If I wanted you I would have you 😏 #wolfofwallstreet

@BrighterWhite keeping my smile shining bright like my future for the holidays 🤩 A pretty smile is always memorable! Their at home kit is easy to use and most importantly EFFECTIVE @BrighterWhite 🦷

Gulp gulp motherfucker 💊

A glorious Friyay + bundles of bed hair...JUST SO E F F O R T L E S S thanks to @diamonddynastyvirginhair 🧡👩🏽‍🦰🧡 You can use my promo code: BOB10 for $10 off

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