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ETSY.COM/SHOP/BUNBUNSLIMEYY  pretty slimes, yummy scents, total quality. 💎 📦worldwide shipping! 💜reviews - #bunbunslimeyypackage 🌸shop slimes in link

🍉🍉 @slimebymadelyn traded slime with me and this is a lil extra slime she included💕madelyn is superrrr sweet and she has the most creative slimes EVER😍how’s your wednesday?♥️

clear slime💧this was a slime i was gonna sell called uni water🦄but i put them all in the mystery boxes so there’s none to sell anymore😔how’s your summer going?💜

slime from @magic_slimes_mid 😍this is one of my favorite slimes, its soooo fun to squish🤤also, how you guys likin my new feed?? i personally am lovin it💕

i only have 1 uni sherbet left!🦄dm me to purchase or click the link in my bio!! ✨

bunbun trio🐰💜💕💙this sold out but i wanted to post it again cause it’s so cute✨i’m going to sell this again in august...hopefully😅also...i’m restarting my feed...again🤗gonna try and make it brighter but like not to bright. know what i’m saying?🙃anyways, enjoy this video!💎💜

hey everyone! i’m working on something SUPER cool that i know you’ll love! it will be something that you have to pre-order from me☁️anyways here’s a photo of my new logo, i’m putting it on stickers, but my business cards will still have my old one🐰

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