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Juli / Bun Bun Makeup Tips  You can call me Bun Bun too 😊 🖌 Dayre/FB: bunbunmakeuptips 💌 juli@bloggerati.me 💌 bunbunmakeuptips@gmail.com


I love traveling with my husband coz it’s the only time he sheds his SG uniform: jersey + shorts + slippers. 🎽👣 Oh, oh, correction. I love traveling with my husband to COLD COUNTRIES coz the uniform can be worn anywhere in SEA too. 😂

Prague is definitely my favorite city. It has the best street busking performances, most delicious sausages, and everyone looks like they popped out from a high fashion magazine. ✨

Notice I didn’t take any pictures of food? Coz the food here is really nothing exciting - meat and potatoes, meat and potatoes, meat and potatoes 🙄 But THIS! This fabulous hot chocolate is what sweet dreams are made of OMG ☕️
If you ever visit the Old Town in Warsaw, Poland, GET A HOT CHOCOLATE at E.Wedele! It’s been around since 1851 and is the best I’ve ever had - thick, creamy, fragrant, but not overwhelming.
📸: Mr Mode

Where millions of Jewish were gassed, tortured and killed by the Germans during WWII. At the entrance, we were greeted with the infamous and ironic sign ‘Arbeit macht frei’ (Work Makes You Free). I learnt about the horrors of the Holocaust from watching ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ and ‘Last Train to Auschwitz’. But being at the actual Nazi concentration camp of dehumanization and mass extermination, looking at the countless shoes, luggages, pots and pans that once belonged to people who thought they were going somewhere to ‘work to help the country during war’ not knowing they were actually marching towards death..... it was a totally different experience walking the grounds of history. 😭
The room filled with 7 tonnes of mostly women’s hair, that was to be sold for money, was the most difficult to see (no photography allowed). Everyday people were being gassed and fellow prisoners had to burn the bodies in crematory ovens (watch video).
By the time the Allied Forces arrived to liberate the slaves, many were minutes away from dying. Only a fraction survived.

A beanie does magic! 🙇🏻‍♀️@No need to bother with styling; it hides bad hair days, it covers a lot of your face making it look smaller, and it makes you look like you’ve got SWAG. 🤘🏼
Also, I’m adopting a stronger approach to the brow game after getting a brow demo from the super friendly SA at a Douglas store in Berlin, Germany. Finally managed to get my hands on @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade! So for the rest of the trip, I drew my brows with the pomade every morning in the bus, making me very proficient at it. Coz if I can do it on a jerky bus, I can do it at home. 😆✌🏼

What would I give to stay in a place like this? Even the swans and ducks look happier here. (Can you spot the 🦆 ?) I told Mr Mode how nice if we could retire here and he reminded me that ok you get a nice view, but you won’t have access to Hokkien Mee, Carrot Cake, Yong Tau Foo, Mee Siam, Laksa, Roti Prata, Salmon Sashimi, BBQ Chicken Wings with lime and chili.
Still want?
Ok, no. 😂

He asked why I wore a diaper on my head. 🤣 Tsk! No fashion sense one leh.
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My boots’ve got rain,
The view’s insane,
It’s four degrees,
Won’t you play with me?

At the most romantic walkway in Poland. Agrykola Street is the only place with original gas lamps from the 19th century. Everyday, a man will come to light these lamps in the evening and extinguish them in the morning. According to the local guide, the man is paid EUR 800 for this job.
Also, just ten metres away, is a beautiful palace which I cannot recall the name of. 😅 Slide to see. Please let me know if you know the name!

#QOTD from my favorite Berlin Wall
'Many small people who in
Many small places
Do many small things
That can alter the face of the world'

BOOYAH!! Happy Halloween! 💀👩🏻🎃
Skull side 💀: Added @thebodyshopsg Shade Adjusting Drops (Lightening) to @armanibeauty Power Fabric Foundation (3) to achieve an almost-white shade. Set with @kryolanofficial Translucent Powder. Eye recess drawn with @nyxcosmetics_sg Jumbo Eye Pencil (BlackBean). Bone receding areas drawn with @rimmellondonsg Waterproof Eye Definer (BlackestBlack) and @maccosmeticssg Fluidline (Blacktrack). Set and shadowed with @makeupstoresingapore 12 Shades of Grey Palette. Teeth drawn with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Milk), Pure White Pencil, and MAC Blacktrack.
Division 🌩: Melting outline drawn with @sephorasg Long Lasting Kohl Pencil (InfiniteBeige) and (PureWhite), Rimmel Waterproof Eye Definer (RichBrown). Highlighted with Dermacos Camouflage Palette. Shadowed with @tartecosmetics Tarlette In Bloom (SmartyPants) and (Rebel).
Flesh side 👩🏻: Foundation Rimmel Long Lasting Finish (Ivory). Concealed with @cliosingapore Pro Artist Liquid Concealer (Linen). Eye makeup transition shade @jeffreestarcosmetics Androgyny Palette (Charm). Outer ⅓ @rising.phoenix.makeup (Treachery), inner ⅓ (SandsofAtlantis), middle JSC (Frosting). Face contouring @fentybeauty Match Stix (Truffle) and @toocoolforschoolsg (Shading). Blush @marcjacobs Air Blush (Kink&Kisses). Highlight JSC (PeachGoddess). Brows @anastasiabeverlyhills Dipbrow Pomade (Caramel).

Heroes' Square, Budapest. I know I need to work on my dabbing 😅
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