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Bumble Canada  Dating, friend-finding and networking all on one platform. Interested in joining our team? Check out the link below👇

Today could be one of those days. Tonight could be one of those nights. Go on and make some magic happen ✨

Help us raise awareness about breast cancer. Today, Bumble will donate $.03 for every match you make on Date, BFF or Bizz to @rethinkbreastcancer. Rethink Breast Cancer’s mission is to empower young people who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer. Time to get matching!

As Hannah from @girlshbo (RIP) once said: “it’s really liberating to say no to shit you hate.” Stay home if you wanna stay home! You only get one Friday night each week – do what you want with it.

Stop making excuses for the person treating you like an afterthought. People make time for the important things. If someone’s not making time for you, why are you making time for them?

We also want: equal pay, opportunities for growth, kickass mentors (psst: find yours on Bumble Bizz), performance reviews and colleagues who don’t mansplain or drown us out. Let’s get it 💪 (art by @successbully)

Let’s be real, we *all* do it sometimes. It’s hard not to – with the model-like yogis, cool moms who make it look easy, and influencers who seem like they’re permanently on vacation. Remember: everyone is just putting their very best foot forward (and sometimes that foot has been heavily Photoshopped). You’re not seeing the real stuff, the sad stuff, or the ugly stuff we all deal with. No more comparison and focus on you 💫

The only thing you should be afraid of is remorse. Embarrassment comes and goes. But regret? That shit is hard to shake off. Make the first move before the moment passes you by. #makingmovesmonday

The Monday after @bootsandhearts feels... quiet. We loved throwing down with you this weekend! 🎶 Already dreaming about next year 💛 #bumblelovesboots

Sunday plans include looking after ourselves and not much else 💅

Word of the day: yes. Yes to everything, yes to more, and yes to extra ✌️

Let it go. Let it goooooo 👋 (art by @elisegongwer)

To whoever goes full Carrie for @bootsandhearts this weekend, we salut you - or rather, tip our rhinestone-studded cowboy hat to you. If you're at the festival, come see @bumble_canada in the VIP section, take your festival photo in our vintage van photo booth + pick up free swag all weekend long. Don't forget to tag the photos of you and your festie BFFs with #bumblelovesboots

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