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Bumble Canada  Dating, friend-finding and networking all on one platform. Interested in joining our team? Check out the link below👇

Brie rules everything around me 🧀

A bad day isn’t a bad life. Sending good vibes to anyone feeling bluesy today 💛

Wednesday vibes 😬

Call your best friend. Buy a coffee for the stranger behind you. And compliment yourself. #WorldKindnessDay (🎨source unknown)

We see you out there, trying not to double-tap pics of your crush’s 2013 trip to NYC. Saying hi is much less risky 👋

Remembering the Canadians who stood on guard for freedom — and how we must guard all Canadians’ rights to those freedoms today #remembranceday 🇨🇦

Accurate description of Saturday 🍕 (inspo: andlikelaura on TW)

A PSA for this Friday night in November. You’re welcome.

Dating 101 for everyone: make your own “no more” list – and stick to it. (art by @bymariandrew)

Sometimes fear isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes fear just means you’re growing in new, better directions 💪
(via @designsponge)

We’re all about platonic soulmates, too. Grow your gang by switching Bumble to BFF mode 💛@bumbleBFF

TFW you’ve got the whole self-love thing down pat and are ready to put yourself out there

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