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camilla khadijah 

undulating lavender and elegant back sweat

that tear drop stroke of the finger on the “i believe” wowow Céline Dion set me up for a life of moodz

enjoys lychee but dreams of rambutan and longan and remembers when a bunch of ants once came out of a mangosteen but still dreams of it nonetheless and durian and

thinking about all the possible nap spots at the experimental farm and also sneezing


i don’t and i shan’t depart from my cocoon byeee

“The sister arts: music, poetry, and painting”-john charles pinhey AKA some of the things i’ll have dabbled in but will prob never commit to AMIRITE

old picture of a perplexed petit purplobster

snapped some pix of a real life fart !!

every day of reading week is sunday to me🥔

only the essential readings to ace those midterms...

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