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bum.illa bum.illa

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every day of reading week is sunday to me🥔

only the essential readings to ace those midterms...

a winter’s wind and hairs astray; a setting sun, o cheese all day!

i’m NOT going to quote TLC, OK?

“just poopin’, you know how i be”

asdhsjsghs FINALLY @grizzlybear

the view from where I stand and contemplate getting Presotea

happy beefday to joben🤝 #sisturd #beefday #26beefs

one time my former piano teacher said my fingers looked “toned” and that has been my one prideful moment in life the end

if there was a mirror that reflected your soul, i think mine would look like this facial expression and also this fish

a somewhat unproductive sunday with ikebana albums by ana kraš

pictured: little boy after using a nordstrom washroom because that's really all a little boy can afford in there slash life

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