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Unexpected side benefit to today's meetup with @craftbeerfreak -- he brought a few cans of @noblealeworks All-Time GOAT to donate to the cause. Greatly appreciated as I never see ANY Noble stuff down this way aside from the occasional draft, and apparently this particular release was even harder to snag than usual.

Stopped by @moderntimesbeer for today's Hedge Witch IIPA can pickup and a quick sitdown with @craftbeerfreak only to luck into this taster of this newly-tapped BBA Monsters Park with maple syrup...holy crap nothing that's 15.2% ABV should taste this good. I would strongly recommend getting your hands on some before it's all gone.

Lovely day here at B2B Global HQ--got all our work done by 2pm so I kicked everyone out and told them to enjoy the afternoon, now I'm able to nurse this tallboy from @firestonewalker and catch up on emails and whatnot.

1 out of 1 Marines agree -- our .50 cal bottle openers are better than getting another crappy challenge coin or pint glass. Check them out at bit.ly/Birthday_Ball_Gifts or DM us to ask about wholesale pricing.

Finishing off my #LunaPark stockpile just in time for this week's can pickup at @moderntimesbeer

I was a little too slow to capture the fullblown nitro cascading effect, but luckily for me the flavor on this Zumba Imperial Stout from @newenglishbrewing didn't disappear as well.

Been sitting on this bottle from @stonebrewingco for awhile, figured #gameofthrones season premiere was a good enough excuse to open it up. Not nearly as bourbony as I expected but still plenty of flavor and went down very easy for an 11%er.

A night of miraculously getting both kids to bed by 6pm means I'm back to my arts and crafts projects after forgetting about them for a few months. Luna Park IPA from @moderntimesbeer while touching up the homemade coasters.

Wrapping up the week with a custom order for US Army Special Operations Recruiting out of Ft Riley, KS.

Found this straggler hiding in the back of my beer fridge -- still holding up fine almost three months after canning date. Centaur Gardens IPA from @moderntimesbeer

I didn't catch this round of Leo v. Ursus in its prime but it's still going down plenty smooth -- haven't had a Ruination in awhile but I think that's what this one is reminding me of, but in an unfiltered version.

Great IPA, or greatest IPA? Discuss.
Oh, and you should definitely snag tickets for the 3rd annual @moderntimesbeer Festival of Dankness before they disappear. They just went on sale on 7/10 and won't last long given the lineup that'll be there.

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