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Jen  Sorry I thought you were a cup ~ my dumbass sister


#fyeaqaVnn #y7tyuopoiuytrrqqqwwreerttuuipppoiuyttewqqqqaasdsdfghhklmnhzzzaasuooywwsfjmMnnz (Maci wrote all of this)

*random quote that makes no sense in the context of the picture*

*some random quote that make no sense in the context of the picture*

We found this guy in our yard this morning... Im in love #sleepykitten #beautiful

Took this last night and didn't suck? Also just haven't posted in a while.

Syd made me cover her face... But look at these things

Look at this thing I did

When it takes 6 people to buy a $3 cupcake #squadgoals #cupcake #3141592654

I hate everything

Needed something to post so here's a bad picture of me blonde before the dye went in

I'd say no filter but we'd all know I'd be lying

•Selfie approved by Maci

Getting curls

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