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Bulenese  Doing the Bali thing and trying to be instafamous which isn't working, so working for real at @totalbali www.totalbali.com

Such a good weekend away, with an epic crew, makes you appreciate the simple things.
Camping with your friends on a desserted beach
Bon fires
Cocktails and laughs
Boats and jet skis
Ok maybe not the most simple of things, but still..... How good is life!
#balibuddies #camping #bday #getaways

days. "Wanna come for a sleep over party?" #Sure

Bali never ceases to amaze, so fortunate to grow up with a solid group of kids that "boss it" some of the best places on island.

Hanging with the homies and their families, chucking the kids around the pool, monkeys stealing babies breakfasts, black stalks cruising the private plunge pool, honey mooning, soccer watching and we got to celebrate #rasiahamish wedding the #heartbreakcouple #funtimes #love @villalaut thank you so much for having us

Swapping Sunday views, but blessed to be an ocean child!
#sundayfundays #views #myplace

What an amazing life we live, having a second home on a dream island, with a good group of friends, happy locals, amazing nature and just so much to keep you busy.

2018 goals to spend more time here

Till next month, for now its back to #bali
#workhardplayhard #liveyourdreams #islandparadises #indonesia

Sundays well spent at that golden time!

Getting away the islands is so fresh, who wants to come hangout?

#sunsets #islandparadises

When your back in the Bali swing of things, the reef cuts have healed up and your doing the work/weekly routine you really appreciate the good times you had with an epic crew. Im truly blessed to have amazing friends, to be able to say lets holiday, lets get lost and see what we can do along the way. We had some good laughs and we saw some incredible places. Thank you team for an unforgettable holiday! Until the next adventure much luv cool kids! Where we going next?
#holidays #friendsforlife #adventures #srilanka

Travelling, everyones got a particular way to do it. Im super lucky that my best travel buddy can handle the way I like to do it.

Sri Lanka, the land of cheap trains and buses, or driver driven vechile hire. After about 1000 contacts I finally managed to find a guy from #kandy to drive down to #colombo to drop off Nizmo, our 20 year soccermom van. So we loaded up the van with a fun crew and hit Sri Lanka.
So many amazing places at our own pace, and we did a lot, on our last full day in the car it was take the quick trip or the 5 hour adventure to this #unesco #worldheritage site of #sigiriya the #lionsfoot

At 200 meters above sealevel, the remains of this volcano was converted to a rock fortress for one of Sri Lankas kings in the 5th century, to keep him safe when trying to cliam right to the "throne" after warring with his brother. It housed over 500 people and the king was a player with one cavern dedicated to his concubines. Pretty crazy place to live if you ask me. Maybe we should get a rock forterest for our friends to live on with us one day?
What an amazing way to spend the last day of our trip. As tourists! Good story about how I tried to launch the drone off the rock but was stopped due to possibily causing the wasps to swarm the rock and nail all the tourists. A "catch me if you can" chase ensued with the security guards running through the crowded stairwells whilst unfit tourists struggled around the stairs wondering what was going on.

Just another amazing day of exploration! So heres my plan to a good holiday, get your own wheels, set a ruff plan, then as soon as you like somewhere or you think you want to check it out, go do that, dont lock yourself in for a preplanned holiday from thousands of miles away. Live a holiday of adventures and enjoy the freedom of doing what you want, when you want.

Respect this world we live in, its super special. #telllazypeopleoff

#traveltips #doit #srilanka #adventuretime #lionsfoot #rockfortress

Surfing in Sri Lanka was a really cool experience and totally different to the waves of Indo. Being further North a lot of the grunt of the waves was gone.
Being a big island and another surf destination we had a lot of fun waves, this spot in particular was one of the cooler waves we surfed, super fun, breaking along the shallow beach, you could do step off the shore onto the waves, and breaking past these big rock bolders made for one of the prettiest surf spots I have ever seen. The crowd on the beach 5 meters away, and with the sunset session glass off and friends in the water, it was super!
#surfadventures #waves #takemeback #pottspiont #srilanka #waves

Lets travel the world, lets laugh, lets cry and lets make merry
So much love for you @raluc_vicovan
#travels #srilanka #sillinesses #marmaduke

I been to a few places around the world, fortunate to be able to live a good life. What has Sri Lanka got going on that I think we need to do better?

On so many different levels Sri Lankans know the right way to do things, my favorite is how the animals here have a right to coexist with humans.
We have seen so many animals, more then anywhere I have seen before. Watching a flying peacock fly actoss a bay whilst we were surfing was probably the coolest, it looked like a dragon with its long shiny tail. Or one bounce of a grey langur (monkey species) from one side of the street to the roof of a house on the other side of the road.
The elephants and crocidle spotting, and the wild cat whilst on safari, in the national park. The Sri Lankan animal adventure is a highlight of this trip for sure!
Lets all respect our wild animal rights
#buffalosolider #animalrights #respect #srilanka

Too busy catching planes, trains, vans, bikes and tuk-tuks to post. But we made it to Sri Lanka!
We got on the train in Ella, and headed west higher up the mountains till Haputale, boarded the awaiting tuk-tuks and headed even higher to the Lipton tea factory. Interesting processes of shake and bake that leaf, to produce 8 grades of black tea. The end product, a 65 kilo sack of tea, ready to be sold to the Sri Lankan auction house, which is a government initiative to ensure the tea trade remains viable. Nothing like a good tea to quench the thirst of adventures! English breakfast is the second strongest grade of tea and is made up of smaller blacker tea grains then the browner bigger Tea particles. I was seriously into the tour we had, and am going to start growing tea one day!
Thoughts so far:
Sri Lanka an amazingly beautiful country, with super friendly people and incredible wildlife, we have seen so many animals, it makes me happy to see a country that respects and loves like Sri Lanka does.
Aerial selfies, exploring this tropical island paradise with great friends!
#srilanka #trains #drone #holidaytime #dji #teatime

Its been fun kicking with the boys, so many laughs, so blessed to live in the #lbc

For now its onto the next adventures
#thuglife #beachbabies

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