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Buki Tj  *Lover Of God.. *Lover Of Life.. *Wigs on Fleek! *Ich Spreche ein Bisschen Deutsche.. Watch this space... xoxo @miss.catherine.hair

My darling Yets, my beautiful one🤫Wife, Mother, Sister, Aunty, godMother, fun loving & my friend. Happy birthday to you today 🎉🎈🎉💃🏾🎁🙏🏾 God bless your new age “40” it is indeed a great year, as in itself comes with a lot of bounties🎀 You’ll find yourself change in the best of areas, you’ll see life differently(extra appreciative) you’ll receive some kind of peace that Only God can give. It’s a year of new adventures & discoveries... a good year indeed🤗 so today, i pray for & with you( for the Bible says when 2 shall agree, it shall be established) that all you secretly ask God in your closet will be made manifest in the open, all your daily struggles will not overwhelm you but make you stronger, i pray that your home that God has given you will grow in love, peace & abundance. I ask the Holy Spirit to visit you & have a relationship with you in Jesus name(for He is our intercessor) so plead your case through Him. You’re beautiful in & out, I’m glad to call you friend & I hope I’ll be more a sister in time to come. You’re sweet, you’re gentle, you’re Yets!😍 I cover you & yours with the blood of Jesus Christ today & always. Have a fabulous weekend packed with lots of fun, laughter, prayers, wishes & plenty goodies... you deserve them all. God bless you🙏🏾💃🏾🎶🎈🎀🙌🏾🎙🎶🎶🎶
Shalom 💋 @yetsasika @obiasika

Hello friends, hope this finds you in good spirit. It’s another year end & we give thanks. The year has meant different things to us all & we’ve also experienced a lot in almost 365days. One of my personal experiences is the IWS Luth Trolley Library at LUTh hospital Idi Araba, Lagos, Nigeria. I joined the IWS society earlier in the year & was inducted a member. This experience has brought me plenty joy, sorrow & most of all taught me to appreciate humanity on another level. At the Luth Trolley library, a few of us gather every Wednesday from 1pm -3pm to give out old or new Books, Magazines, Children Books, Crayons, Puzzles, Bibles, Qurans, Devotionals, Novels, Comics to our sick patients from ward to ward. From the Children’s ward to the mental illness, Women/ Men with Cancer, Accident ward, Newborns with complications & so on. We give books/magazines to read & some are read to by their loved ones. A lot of times we forget those that are sick not because we want to but the hustle and bustle of life has dimmed the voice of humanity or some just have a phobia for hospitals, some want to help but scared of fakes(pple who loot from the sick) and some just don’t care cos its not their family. Well, today I beg you to CARE...as we all know our health system is not entirely the best but we have good men/ women who make sure our sick find the best care. In your own little way, just as you read or watch TV at home kindly remember that our sick would love to have that privilege as well. So kindly contact me via DM if you have old or new books/magazines you’d like to give away, rather than burn or use as bag puffers, shoe expanders, cupboard layers or even sell to the Akàrá woman. Your books would go a long way & would definitely put a SMILE on a patients face. Thank you & God bless Nigeria.
P.S Water, Toilet Roll, Latex gloves, Bath soap, Pillows, Water Mattress(For bed sores) are some of the things patients appreciate too, just in case you want to do more.
#BeAHelper🗣🙏🏾💝 @iwsnigeria @officialegoboyo @jazzofliberty @alacreme_n_caramel @realsusanpeter

I woke up this morning with a heavy burden on my heart & the first thing I did was PRAY. I asked God to forgive me & never let me doubt who HE is in my life. I just want to take this time to reach out to you out there, don’t be brain washed by the world. Your purpose is not for FAME or WEALTH alone but to use what God has blessed you with to CHANGE your world. Have you wondered how people look for a HIGH even with all they have??? Feed that HIGH with God (whether Christian or Muslim)& you’ll see how easy your life would be FREE from anxiety. Who God has called you to be is for you to be an impact in your generation positively. A lot is been said about the church today(to Christians)& it breaks my heart. Most of what is said has its truths but let God judge us all. All I ask is for us to make a change. Start today to be the change in your home, workplace, community, state & on social media. Be your brothers/sisters keeper. Help the less privileged, sponsor a child, visit a hospice or hospital, buy as little as drugs, water, toilet roll for the sick. Pray for your family, loved ones, neighbour, city, state & Nigeria. Let the ORIGINALITY/ AUTHENTICITY of Who you are be known... #StandForSomething
#BeABetterHuman 👉🏾SWIPE
Shalom 💋

#BirthdayShoutOut my darling Anne🎈🎊🎉🎈I celebrate you not because it’s your birthday alone but because God has looked upon you to show you mercy & to let you know He watches over to perform all that He has promised to do in your life. I also thank God for the awesome year/ years ahead & pray that all you ask Him daily in your quiet time, He will fulfill according to His riches in glory. God’s words concerning you will bring you testimonies like never before. You’re my friend👭😘& I thank God each day for giving me at least one person out of the lot that can tolerate me, accept me & care for me in-spite of who I am... I thank you🙏🏾 🙋🏾‍♀️I wish you more joy, wisdom, grace, prosperity to live a happy & fulfilled life in Christ. May all your hopes, dreams, aspirations & fears not make you lose your Salvation. May God who you trust continue to be the Lifter of your head. I ask that God should give you abundant blessings that befits you & May His calling upon your life be manifested. May every day bring laughter, fun & loads of thanks in your heart. Cheers to you Anne🥂I love you & truly appreciate you for loving me back💝Enjoy all that the new year brings your way. God bless you💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾🎉🎈🎉🎈🎁🎂🍾🥂Shalom 💋 @aniwho2000

I’m Grateful..
Dear Lord I thank You for another year filled with different experiences & testimonies. Be exalted Lord🙌🏾Today, I celebrate because I’m thankful. I thank You Lord for life, the breath of life, good health & a sound mind. I thank You for the memories of 2017 it will forever be in my heart🙏🏾
Órisa Bi Iyà kò má si layè...🌹
(A Mother can never be replaced)
Today would have been the usual, my Mom would pray for me, sing the Happy Birthday song then later bring up to her whatever dish was served & some cake..hmm!! I miss you MaMa💔
I don’t know how today would go without you here, but I know one thing, the Lord will put a smile on my face. All sorts have gone through my mind today & even in the year, good & bad but (I immediately rebuke the bad) because knowing You makes the difference. I know Your word says “You have good plans for me & my lines will fall in pleasant places. Lord, help me to continually believe it & wait on Your promises. Lead me in the path of righteousness & let the Holy Spirit teach me, guide me, show me, protect me, instruct me, direct me, comfort me & most of all dwell in me. I can only do all things through You who strengthens me. Whatever my plans, my dreams or desires, my hopes & aspiration, my talents & skills, my background or education, my popularity or friendship, my relationships or status, my finance or inheritance... Lord let me NOT lose my Salvation. For what shall it profit me Oluwabukola to gain the world & lose my soul? I will trust in You day & night & I’ll sing of Your praises forevermore. For indeed You’re good to me. Again, I say thank you for LIFE!!! Shalom 💋

Happy Birthday my Famous friend🎊🎉🎂😘@beyonce I wish you a very happy life filled with lots of love and laughter. You deserve all that God has blessed you with & more to come. You make me very happy... Your voice, your lyrics, your beauty & most of all your humility. I love you today & always. God bless you & your family.
#SheTakesAllTheStressAway 🎧
#YouAreQueen👑🐝None other..

My Darling Tiffany😘😇😍💋 @tiffxny.1808 How time flies...😰 I remember meeting you at age 1 when you came to visit us in Nigeria, like it was ystdy. Today you're 13🎉🎊🎂👏🙌😍💯 Wow!!! To God be all the glory 😇
I loved you from the first time i saw you & still do & I know the feeling is mutual. From age 4, you became very IMPORTANT to me & by God's grace, will & help I'll continue to stand with you for a very long time to come. You're a good child, a loving daughter to your mom, a proud daughter to your dad, best friend to Kevin, sweetest niece to all your Tante & a gentle granddaughter to your Oma. You'll never want for anything, you're kind, you're polite, you're giving, you're hopeful & most of all you're multi talented with gifts from God Himself. So worry not child, Jesus got your back!!!🙌🙌🙌 To you @gdanskdaria82 you're a woman after my heart, you're a fighter, you're a believer, you're a MOTHER. I admire your strength, your wit, your sense of humor, your tenacity & your faith. "They say it takes a village to raise a child but your case it took "guts & grace" Well done my dear sista friend. God will continue to uphold you & strengthen your weaknesses. I love you & you know it. I love you Tiffany, writing this brings good vibes with a teary eye but it's all joy after all. Happy Birthday my DancingSinging Queen... You're for signs and wonders. The world will favor you on every side. Lots of love always
Shalom 💋

My dear Linz Ponz💋 @ponzgurl I celebrate you today and always. You're a real friend. 40 is that age you decide to make right and firm decisions without wavering... It comes with it! I've shared many memories with you in this short time (adult life) and I pray the Bond we share in Christ will continue to radiate & flourish for many more years as I call you friend. More grace, joy, love, peace of mind and body, good health, truth, fun, travels, good relationships, babies(Twins as I regularly decree in Jesus name, amen) & most of all God's mercy upon you & @bodybyponz as it is also your Anniversary👏🎉🎊💝😘
Thank you for hosting us on Sunday, I hope it was almost all you wished it to be. You sure deserved it. Glad we all turned up @yetsasika #Didi #Sunbo @carspa @sophiaokere #Obehi #Jumoke #Bola #Adaeze @ama_hulk @bukkykaribiwhyte @ladybnj
& loads more... Love you ladies👏💯🙌😘 I couldn't decide on the look I liked for my post as you know I love a lot of your looks especially when you have color in your hair, as you know @miss.catherine.hair likes colored hair 😍 To you darling, I wish you more beautiful, blessed, jaw dropping, ears tingling, eyes widening, gist spreading testimonies in years to come. This I pray in Jesus name, amen. Joy will fill your heart sooner than you know👶👶Enjoy your fabulous self with loads of praises in your mouth. Cheers 🎊🎂🎁🎆
Shalom 💋

My Faithful Father, I thank you for your beautiful gifts to @mercedesrichards24 they are truly a gift to us all @ritadominic @yutee1 @oudmajestic @ifeomawilliams 💛💕💝 I thank you for the wisdom, grace, strength & knowledge to raise them. May Porsche & Ryder fulfill destiny in Jesus name. Lord, even in my darkest moments let me always celebrate them, let me always be available to them, let me always appreciate your loving kindness upon their lives. Four years & the memory of their birth is still so fresh. Guide, lead, teach, show, help, protect, reveal, manifest & most of all anoint them with your grace. The Blood of Jesus will show you mercy. I love you & I'll see you as soon as I am able to. GOD bless you my daughters, you're for signs and wonders👭💞👏😍😘🙋🎁🎉🎊🎉🎈🎂
Aunty Buki loves you
Shalom 💋

Dear Lord I just want to thank U from the bottom of my heart for the life of My Dearest Mother "Catherine Nma Tijani" She lived to 71years old on the 28th of March 2017 & I knw ur word promised us at least 70years on earth. To You Lord I give all the glory. MaMa, as We ur children fondly called You. So this is it? I still think it's all a big joke & soon it'd end. Just like that ur bed is empty, I've gone into ur room so many times thinking you'd be there lying down & stretching to see who's comin in💔💔💔 I never thot Monday was goin to be the last time I'd see U, speak to U, feed U, bath U, give U ur meds, pray with U, massage ur body & legs, anoint ur head & sit with U. If only I knew, I would've spent d whole day with U by ur side just gistin & laughin. But am grateful that I didn't share Monday with U alone, ur bestie(Sister)& her children(best cousin's U can ever ask for) were all with U laughin, prayin, eatin, even Baby Hugo waved his goodbyes on his way home. Hours passed but ur pain lingered on, until d hour came where U couldn't take d pain anymore💔💔💔 From 2am till about 4:30am I shuffled btw ur room & mine, still in all this time I didn't see d signs. The next 30mins was a little painful for me as I watched U sit on ur chair waitin for ur hot milk to digest becos you'd complained abt ur tommy hurtin so I made U warm milk. I scolded Iheanyi & ur carer Tina for not coming to call me when ur pain increased. You begged me to leave them, it was ur fault. I sat there sulking & U said U were tired of sitting down You wanted to go back on ur bed. You then said to me "Buki Ma binù & for a second I thought about my answer & finally I said "Mó binù" we put You on d bed & Iheanyi tried to adjust ur pillow when she screamed "aunty Buki è wa wó àhùn mommy o!"(aunty Buki come & see momy's tongue!) I jumped on d bed because I knew what that meant(too many Grey's Anatomy) immediately I started CPR & You just kept throwin up. At this time ur eyes were shutting & in seconds Life left ur body. You looked peaceful, no more pain. At 5:05am 2nd of May 2017 You met with Your Lord. RIP MaMa💝 You will NEVER be forgotten. We Love U Forever.
Shalom 💛

OMG!!! God saved me😱 @bukkykaribiwhyte 💋... I know we celebrated you already but I had promised a shout out on your actual birthday. Happy Birthday mama🎈 God bless the Woman, Wife, Mother & Boss you've grown to become. You've done very well for yourself & I applaud you. 35years old with a 90ties soul, if only pple knew how stuck you are, they'd understand you better😀 Thanks for an interesting Sunday nite... We sure had a blast. May God guide you, teach you, help you, grant you favor & keep you all your fearfully and wonderfully made life in Jesus name🎉🎊👏😘🎀🎈🎂 love always mama...(My favorite hair)
Shalom 🐝

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