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Ashlee Wismach  Mama to Ella & identical twin boys Leo + Ethan Water & Sea ♥ Body & Mind ♥ Travel near & far ♥ Mommy Photography ♥ Documenting memories 👧🏻🦁🐘= ❤️

A few notes:
1) Potty training - I honestly couldn’t care less this time around and am letting the daycare take the reins 😊 #weekendsareforpullups
2) Ethan seems a tad shorter than his “identical twin”, but he’s actually taller! #leosfeetarebiggertho
3) Best way to keep them occupied in the AMs...bath crayons and our empty tub 💯
4) I bite those undie bums every darn chance I can #includingellaobvs
5) I need non-cheesy #kidsbathroom decor ideas please!!!
6) I’m drinking wine, in a bath, writing this #nightly
6) #fucktrump #govote #americaschancetobegreatagain

I’ve wanted nothing more than to continue my hobby in photography, document our life with our kids and share, but seems every time I try to set up a shoot - it starts and ends in chaos 😆

Major throwback to my first trip away from the kids after having the twins! What a joy it was to have a few days to myself, but after 5 days of chewing up LA, I was ready to head home #momsgonewild #imissyousun A big trip each year is very nice but it doesn’t hold me over...I think I’m going to try and start taking a bunch of little trips here and there, for my sanity!! 😆 Where to next and who’s coming??!!!!

At the coffee shop, a man with an ascot gave me his opinion today 🤓
“You’re a strong woman”, he said...as he overheard me exchanging a story about my three kids with another mom waiting.
I have actually never felt so tired...so run down...so unmotivated...my to-do list seems to be piling up...so as much as I appreciated the props, I also think I may have rolled my eyes at him 😳 it doesn’t always have to be my day and all I could think about was getting home and getting back in to bed....yeah, it was 8:15am 😂😆

When your baby just loves his daddy #ethandavid

A photo without smiling is way more “high fashion”...HER words omg LOL...not exactly the message I’ve been trying to send, but funny nonetheless 😘 Endless love to my mini me #nationaldaughterday @zarakidsofficial

After having somewhat of a rough potty training ride with Ella, I vowed to not start it up again until the boys could literally go out and buy their own undies!!!...but whatevs...new kids brings new energy...and voila...BIG BOY UNDERWEAR here we come 😂🔫😝👦🏻👦🏻🤦🏻‍♀️ #hubbyinunderwearad @boutiquesclement

S.O.S - it really means....SLOW OUR SONS down!!! They are so big...and this phase of them piecing together their first sentences and us discovering them even more as they begin to express themselves in new ways....muuuuaaahhhhh 😘😘😘 I can’t deal #twinboys

I took this photo as part of their 2nd birthday invites, but never shared!!! So here you go, two months late but better now than never.
Have you mamas ever really realized how much you actually do for your kids & family??? Think about it ~ Whether you’re a new mom at twenty five, or a more seasoned mom at fifty five....take a minute, look in a mirror, and appreciate yourself.
The fatigue, the insanity, the long days and even longer nights, the lunch making, the carpooling, the school meetings, the arguments, the patience you can’t always find, the dinners, the baths & bedtime stories, the I hate yous’ and the I love yous’, the list making, the having all your tabs open and still remembering to buy toilet paper...we may not even realize this forward motion of always just doing and going that we’re in, but it’s happening and you’re doing great.
Dads, of course could be doing it all too, but I’m not talking about you right now ;)
So yea, realize how special you are mama, and try to keep the balance.
Treat yourselves too, pay yourself with just as much love, wine and massages and keep planning those imaginary vacations that keep you sane, because one day, your kids won’t need you as much, and you’ll be tapping your feet, wondering what to do next.
So to conclude, Happy (belated) birthday to these two little fools that I love so much I can scream, and to myself as well for making #%£% happen every single mother effin’ day 👊🏻

Ethan you funny little boy, who has just started to conclude every word with “ing”....”Mama, I’m scootering”, “Mama, I’m cleaning”, Mama, Leo is screaming”....VERBS! Figured it out all on his own....I’m so damn proud 😘👦🏻

The power of cousins...first friends we ever have, a little bit of childhood that never gets lost...
#frousins #mgking #mgcarclub #unclej❤️

I’m positive that in 6 months I’ll look back at this pic and I won’t have a clue which boy is which 🤣🤣

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