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Ash Wismach  Mama to Ella & identical twin boys Leo + Ethan Water & Sea ♥ Body & Mind ♥ Travel near & far ♥ Mommy Photography ♥ Documenting memories 👧🏻🦁🐘= ❤️

Nothing much going on around here other than a whole lot of growing - these guys are the biggest things I’ve ever seen. #twinsaremycardio

This room is getting a little makeover and I’m so stoked! Love the decor now but we seriously never step foot in, let alone leave the kids to roam around in there - we’re just not as fancy as we thought we were 😜😆 So there you have it, this living room is transforming in to a family room, and we’ll finally have a main floor play area near the kitchen...which is really all we ever needed. (honestly don’t know what we were thinking)

Maybe I see a resemblance??? Oh man I can’t handle them one bit...curious little boos 😍 I feel like they even grew up a bit more over the last 3 days when I was out of town with Ella!! 🤣#nonidenticalidenticaltwins

Ella has been so mesmerized over the last week since the Olympics began and has asked for us to start training her in bobsledding! #teamcanada Whether it’s the Olympics or any other interest...pay attention to what inspires your kids and get them involved!!! You never know, you may have the next #tessavirtue or #mikaelkingsbury on your hands!!!! 😘😘

I haven’t posted a single photo during these last few weeks away! What I thought would be an insane ride of crazy kid mayhem, has really been an unbelievable vacay of pure and good quality family time. We haven’t rested one bit, but I realized that Noam and I were more in need of this time together with our kids than anything else....not to say I won’t be looking to book a spa weekend for maybe, just myself in the very near future however 😆😜 Loving my bunch more than ever and these palm trees 😍 that remind me that beauty does exist even in this ass-cracking Trump loving state.

I can get lost in this photo. The sound of them laughing and screaming together as I ran the sled really fast back to the house....of the wind blowing so cold, but them just wanting me to keep going. It’s amazing how a single photo can tell such a great little story 👦🏻👦🏻 I am though starting to feel the time move faster than it did before and for the first time since these crazy little boys were born, I want time to stop! I feel like we made it over the hump and out from under the long and tough phases that I just wanted us all to move past...but now that we’re here on the other side, I want to hold on to them just as they are. 😆😂

It’s getting harder and harder to have proper photos taken of these three!!! They will not sit still and it’s becoming worse! No matter how fast my shutter is set, someone is always in a blur or consequently, the photo is too dark!
Photography people...blogger moms....
I need tips and tricks to shoot my bunch pronto!

In a few days, these boys will be a year and a half...They LOVE each other so deeply, they hug each other so tight and pucker up their lips for one another more times a day than I can count...My wish is that they forever look to each other for this comfort ❤️ and know that Mama is always here to get in on some of that lovin’ too! 😂 #noneforme #choplimabean (for my mostly plant-based self) #smashcakediy
Shoutout to my #twinmoms - talk to me about the bond your twins share!! I want to hear all the cheesy details that I have to look forward to!! 👶🏻👶🏻

I’m laying awake in my bed right now - it’s past midnight, I’ve missed #tbt - cause $%£¥, what else really matters 😜 - and I’m scrolling through photos, dreaming of our last Croatia trip...listening to the ever present beeping sounds of snow removal trucks in the background 😂
#vitaminsea #isthebeepingnecessary

This boy and his brother start daycare tomorrow. 9:00am sharp. Me. Crying. 9:01am sharp.
I was a bit torn as to whether to send them or wait another 6 months or so until after they were two years old - but they have literally climbed over and thrown down every item in this house, that I do think it’s time for a brand new disaster zone 😝 #freedom #what

I read somewhere that on New Years Eve in the Laurentians, it was colder than the North Pole ⛄️
Wishing for a happy and very healthy 2018 to you all! 😘 🥂

Last one of #2017
Hoping this boy sleeps through till 2018 peacefully and that his teeth finally cut through without much pain 😝 #leorafael you little Prince...I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t love you hanging on to me for the last day and night 😘 And a sweet good night to this girl who just told me at bedtime that I’m going to feel like someone is scratching my back but really no one is #being5 😂#ethandavidiloveu #happynewyear

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