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  Lowfat chocolate milk is simple, effective & scientifically shown to help refuel your body after a hard workout. #RealWorks

Every mom knows what it means to put in the real work day in and day out. Because you inspire us, we raise a glass of chocolate milk to you. @mirindacarfrae #RealWorks

Why does professional #tennis player, @SloaneStephens, recover with lowfat chocolate milk after a tough workout?

When the going gets tough, reach further, push harder and recover strong with chocolate milk. @momslrb #RealWorks #MondayMotivation

To gain muscle, you gotta put in the hustle. This weekend, add single-leg deadlifts to your tough workout, recover with chocolate milk and get that much closer to your goals. #WeekendWorkoutChallenge #ZachParise

After an exhausting run, your body loses a lot. With the nutrients to refuel and the protein to rebuild, lowfat chocolate milk is a smart recovery beverage after a grueling workout. #RealWorks

Why does pro basketball player, @KlayThompson, choose lowfat chocolate milk as his recovery beverage?

If anybody knows about real work, it’s Army Vet, triathlete and working NYC mother, Michele Gonzalez (@nycrunningmama). Check out how she trains, stays motivated and recovers with lowfat chocolate milk.

Good luck to all our #TeamChocolateMilk athletes running in #Boston. Run hard and recover smart with chocolate milk. @gordonchristie @chocolatemilkjill #RealWorks

Want the results? Put in the tough work. Chin up, keep fighting and always recover with lowfat chocolate milk. @CAFoundation #RealWorks #MondayMotivation

While you’re crunching numbers this weekend, don’t forget to throw in extra crunches to top off your workout routine. Push yourself harder and recover smart with chocolate milk. #WeekendWorkoutChallenge

Finish your next strenuous workout with lowfat chocolate milk and give your muscles what they need to get out there and do it again. #RealWorks

Block out the noise. Focus on you. Put your fitness first. Recover always. That’s how #TeamChocolateMilk's, @sloanestephens, stays on top.

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