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Haters will say it’s fake 😗

But seriously, I’ve lost muscle mass on my right (dominant) glute and hamstring due to atrophy from non use, muscles not firing, and motor nerve dysfunction as a result of the L5S1 #herniateddisc and #microdiscectomy I experienced this spring. Step ups, pistol squats are what I’m using to isolate the one side to rebuild and strengthen these muscles. •
What’s your single leg #booty movement of choice?

•had to edit one of those hashtags 😂 I better click on them before I use them next time 😅

First time @theterrainpark with my mini who is way too comfortable watching me fall 😂

‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ -Wayne Gretzky
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Last day to vote for Best of Chico 2018!Chicobestof.com don’t forget to vote Dizzle for best massage therapist! She appreciates every vote!!

Pain is our body’s response to dysfunction, a communication from muscle to brain telling us how to treat ourselves essentially. Trigger points are these tight knots in our muscles requesting relief, which they get once treated with ‘massage’ or other soft tissue manipulations. It’s a very simple concept outlined by President JFK’s personal physician, Dr. Janet Travell in 1942. Why it’s not a household name is beyond me because her work (if put to best use) would eliminate a number of horrific communal health disasters we currently face including a nationwide HEROIN EPIDEMIC!

Sometimes people can be put off by my passions. And that’s ok. I don’t expect everyone to relate.
I know how long I’ve been clean from OxyContin because it was shortly after my daughter was born that I kicked. And if you don’t know what that’s like try having the flu for two months and still not feel right until about a year or so after you’ve been clean of any opioid.

So when I seem a little worked up about why your Dr didn’t offer to give you a soft tissue treatment (which they are also licensed to do) and prescribed you pain meds, or your coach didn’t tell you to use me and you injured yourself, it’s because I have a perspective on pain management and our current way of managing it that most don’t. It’s because I know now without a doubt, that something is not right and it’s sticking out like a sore thumb (pun absolutely intended).

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves through proper nutrition, exercise, rest, self care, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic. We have been practicing most of these since the beginning of civilization. I don’t need any institution’s endorsement to tell me that what I’m doing works.

And furthermore we all need to wake the fuck up and see that we’ve been lied to, repeatedly, so much so that our kids are dying because they have access to something in their high schools that police officers won’t even open bags of because it might kill them on sight upon inhalation.

I do what I do because it feeds my soul, certainly not because it makes a bunch of money 🖤

Here’s some reviews! They don’t like me at yelp 🤣 some of my best reviews are in the ‘not recommended’ section and I expressed to them how I felt about it and their algorithm.
Schedule link in bio ☝🏻

The more I use my leg, the more it seems to be working. Feeling #Hopeful this morning 😏
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Scheduling on MindBody app is just that easy! #noexcuses #getitgetit #liveyourbestlife

Congratulations to @missamerica93 for winning the 60 minute treatment last night! She’s been helping us fight fires this season so she definitely deserves it! EVERY Friday I will be giving one away but you have to follow my stories to know what the emoji will be! If you’ve opened one story, you’ve opened them all so you might as well 😂.

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Vote for Ben Beckman at Built For Bodywork for Best Massage Therapist in Chico @ vote.newsreview.com!! I want #1 this year! Thank you all for your continued support 🙏🏻🖤⚡️🔌

‘If no one’s told you this today, I’ma tell you...You’re worth it.’


Whose dog could use this right now?? •
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Ya know, I was gonna post a video with all of the various workouts you can do to prevent / recover from herniated disc, but Chelsey West’s classes @hotyogaclubchico cover all that and soooo much more. Plus she makes it look wayyy better than I ever could 😂 Just be sure to bring 2 towels!

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