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I’ve never been slowed down so much in my life. I firmly believe that ALL of our challenges have hidden teachings as long as we can calm our minds to the point that they can listen. Rest assured I’m healing and rising up☝🏻

My favorite thing to do with my Dad as a kid was to play wiffle ball. Either just he and I, or the ultimate experience when my cousin and his Dad or my Uncle Tiger would join. Baseball for our family was in fact a spiritual experience, as everyone of us loved it more than anything else it seemed and the experience of connecting with a line drive put over everyone’s head was a feeling of oneness irreplaceable by anything else. And the excitement in Dad’s eyes after he taught you how to do something that he took so much pride in, priceless. Then I thought this joy was what life was about.
Fast forward to my life now. Wondering what is my son’s equivalent? My daughter’s? From what I can gather, life’s greatest joy for me now, is watching my kids’ eyes light up when they learn how to do something awesome. And when I have helped them learn to do something I take so much pride in myself, we can harmonize in that feeling together.
My Dad has been so many entities to me throughout my life; father, friend, Coach, teacher, protector, provider, etc. And as I get older I realize that some of these roles will appropriately switch and I will have the opportunity to care for him. But I believe this transition won’t be so hard because above all else throughout all these years, my Dad has maintained his relationship to me as my Brother, and that is where I feel closest to him 💙

Just doing my part to help keep the world from being any colder than it already is ❄️

Today marks 4 weeks post op from an L5S1 herniated disc, Microdiscectomy. Thank you for the countless texts, emails, regular mail 😃, all the ways in which so many of you helped me through this rough spot in my life. So many lessons learned it was well worth the pain and time. I’m happy to say that I believe I’m on course for a 6 week recovery as planned meaning I should return to work two weeks from tomorrow. I do have a good list of regulars that are of course first in line but if you would like to get on this tentative schedule please text (530)924-0298, direct message, tag me in your story, idk whatever way you communicate best ;)

Being from SoCal I’m considered a Chico transplant. In my last years of college I started a family with a local girl I worked with at the Rawbar and solidified my long stay in this beautiful town. I’m grateful for my kids they are the best part of my life. I do miss my family and friends in SoCal, but I’ve been here long enough to blur the lines of what part of the state I consider home now. -
Year by year friends from school would graduate and leave, friends from work would ‘graduate’ the town and leave, and now because I work pretty closely with a number of Chico State athletes, I watch them leave on to bigger and better lives. -
Doing the work that I do it’s nearly impossible to have a professional relationship without a personal one, so I’m reminded of this feeling every year best evoked by this #raw #acoustic #ukulele #cover of #riversandroads by @theheadandtheheart
Congratulations to all Graduates! -
I’ll #missyourface #likehell

When you finally remember your work Instagram password and you so happy you feel like whistling Dixie

When Dizzy suffers repetitive stress injuries from watching too much soccer and other highly intensive puppy duties, she has to get those knots worked out by a therapist that knows what they’re doing! That’s why she chooses Ben @built4bodywork where she can be assured knowledge, professionalism, and downright relief to get her back on her paws and back on the grind. Plus, she can even schedule evening and weekend appointments now to accommodate her busy weeks! And she highly recommends visiting massagebycandi.com to see what’s available because those appointments go quick, and stressing about stuff like that last minute keeps her from enjoying those quiet moments laying in the sun where she can fantasize about what it would be like to live carefree and with less responsibilities🐾

Totally exploiting this puppy’s cuteness to direct your attention to Ben’s current scheduler www.massagebycandi.com or text (530)924-0298 directly to secure your regular spot for the track / baseball season #barbellsandboerboels #whatsyourbodybuiltfor #builtforbodywork #massagebycandi #dreamteam #activereleasetechnique #deeptissue #chico #ca

New office inside ‘Creating a Sustainable You’ 2062 Talbert Dr Suite 100
If you don’t know my friend and mentor in the massage / alternative healing field Candi Williamson, you should! She just won Best massage therapist of Chico 2017 and has been a huge influence on my practice. You can schedule with me (Ben) on her website massagebycandi.com Be sure to secure your regular appointment. Track season has started and my schedules getting pretty tight!
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Now offering bodywork in the comfort of your own home. Yup you can just roll over off my table and go right to sleep if you want 90 minute minimum $120 New location announcement coming soon! #whatsyourbodybuiltfor #onsite #bodywork

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