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ΒΓΛΠΔΦN μHLIΓ  Somewhere in all that organic wiring are the constant synapses that make you, you. Music production, website developer, image enthusiast, father. :)


Go check out our artist page for a preview of our next single titled "Break Me" . Very excited to release this one! @evnthorizon

| Me in my natural habitat | all of my free time gets spent here. We are hoping to finish up a song of @evnthorizon this weekend. We've got two full days of mixing. So hopefully we can finish it, and send it to @orionsblt for mastering.

Wanna feel that stream of dopamine, #synthjunkie #hardwarefanatic ,
Here's list of my keyboards I have, some of my favs are missing in this shot the - - #MoogRealisticmg1 , I've had this one since the beginning awesome vintage classic #Moog sound without breaking the bank @motioncitysoundtrack used it and inspired me to buy one, The way they use it is unlike anything I've heard before in their genre of music it is absolutely phenomenal, they have been such a huge part of my life and influence for me - - #Moogsubphatty one of the ones I trade on occasion owned by @jacobcarlsonaudio amazing new wave phatt distorted timbres my absolute favorite monophonic synth - - #Casiocz101 sooper rad 80's phase distortion sound, very fun cheap too - -#YamahaDX7 - I was so lucky to find this synth an iconic 80's synth made famous by bands like Micheal Jackson, A-ha "take on me" etc absolutely love it's vintage polyphonic characteristics, very hard to program though. - #microkorg the very first hardware synth I ever bought, so fun to this day and I'm still coming up with new sounds from it, great synth at a great price plus a very fun vocoder feature - - #korgminilogue my newest addition to the family and by far my favorite polyphonic synth. It has such a unique character to it, crunchy is the best way to describe it. yet you can get the classic sounds out of it i'm absolutely in love with it. -And if you have read this far- finally I have my - - #casiocdp130 fully weighted piano, simply awesome. Next post I'll dive into my favorite software synths!

One can not own to many synths. I really love this thing. When it comes to music, hardware is definitely the way to go.. you build a very deep connection with your instruments . I am an absolute synth junkie and one day I will own all of the classics! #korg #korgminilogue #musicproduction #music #songwriting #vsco

My new toy came today!! I am so excited. The #korgminilogue , love it. It will definitely add new dimensions to our music

My #studio where the "magic& #34; happens. And by "magic& #34; I mean time patience energy and ton of hard ass work. Creating music and songs is truly an art. And I live for every second of it. I cannot wait to see where it takes me #studio #vscocam #musicproduction #songwriting

I am very excited to see what 2017 has in store. I feel ambitious, Its a somewhat new sensation. Shape created in #Assembly #fragmentapp #mextures

#happynewyear ! Some trippy stimulation for your eyeballs. Shape created in #assembly #mextures #fragmentapp #vsco

#merrychristmas hope all is well! Original Photo cred: my mom in Mexico

I'm having fun with this coral, be prepared for more haha #fragmentapp #vsco #coral

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