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BUGZY THE SHIHTZU & KIDS  Bugzy & his 6 puppies- A Michigan ShihTzu crew Ruby, Rosie, Maggie, Riggs, Gus & Bear Come watch us grow (6 months old) unfollow = unfollow

Lately I’ve been favoring the girls. They got fixed, I’ve been walking them outside getting them potty trained. I’ve been lazy about them. Don’t get me wrong I love them dearly and still am taking care of them. They all need human interaction constantly and need love. I give that but not like i should and I feel ashamed. I feed them, walk them, bathe them when I can. I’m one person. It’s hard very very hard. I didn’t think far about the long run and consequences but im doing the best I can. I apologize about the long break. It’s been hard. I’m not giving up on them. Thanks everyone for your support and constant check ins. If y’all would want to stay in touch more personally dm me your number. Thanks love Heidi. ❤️


My sweet angel girl Gracie. She’s the biggest brat EVER. But she sure does love me lots.. yes this is mamma to the pups! 💞😇


Happy pups and their strawberry popsicle on this summer day! 😋

Happy puppies!

Bugzy jumped right in! First time, so sad I wasn’t there to see this, don’t let your father watch your dog! 😂😂😂😂

Happy Thursday!! Here’s Gus!

Hi we’re back again!!! It’s ruby! She loves POPCORN!!!! ❤️🍿

I love them with my entire heart, today was about Riggs and Rosie. They are the boss lady and boss dude.. they like to control the others. So I went to work on them today by taking them away from the group and going on a walk through our small town. It didn’t work so well with Riggs he decided to stop walking and just sit down in the middle of cross walks and the laughs on people’s faces made the day better. Rosie did so well and commanded to my voice. Proud of her for behaving so well around others and the one dog we passed. Taking this one step at a time. Everyday we will take two with us on a walk to work on them individually, it’s been a very long and difficult process. Everyone is well!! So big and happy ❤️ we missed you all.


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