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🐞bugs & noodle🍜  we're cat brothers! bugs: brown tabby, grumpy, cautious noodle: thai/siamese, emotional, needy

when you have to get out of bed on a weekend... 😐

supervised backyard time! 🌿

that paws crossed / mouth open level nap

it’s our day! no better way to celebrate than taking a butt to butt nap with a good buddy 👌🏽 #internationalcatday

full relaxation mode + tummy rubs

basking in some soothing salt lamp vibezzzz

gazing upon all of mom & dad’s possessions (clutter) with great disdain. ummm can you move all this junk so i can lie down, thanks 😾

getting v cozy in p high places

lounging in the new bathroom while mom gets ready. back to our regularly scheduled programming! #needy

we moved to a new house this weekend. it was scary and stressful but we’re recovering well, thank you for asking!! #braveboys

luxury is a comfy seat on my human dad’s chest 💤

i’m three years old today but sometimes i still look like the wee kitty my ma got from some teenagers in a starbucks parking lot :’) #hbd 🎈

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