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Bugatti Official  Art | Forme | Technique

Chiron with a view #Chiron #ChironGlobalLaunch

Portuguese sun rising over the Chiron - a sight to behold #Chiron #ChironGlobalLaunch

The ultimate Liquid Silver experience #Chiron #ChironGlobalLaunch

With an impressive length of 1.80 metres the #Chiron engine is big enough to produce the power of 1,500 horses @cnet @roadshowautos

With the four larger turbochargers boosted by the Bugatti two-stage turbocharging, maximum performance is available constantly at all speeds in a #Chiron @cnet @roadshowautos

What lies beneath the skin of a #Chiron is an eight-litre W16 engine @cnet @roadshowautos

The Bugatti #Chiron is a velvet rocketship @cnet @roadshowautos #ChironGlobalLaunch

The Bugatti #Chiron is a cerulean stunner @cnet @roadshowautos #ChironGlobalLaunch

The #Chiron is a stationary beauty, and a moving beast #ChironGlobalLaunch
Fuel consumption, l/100km: 35.2 in urban areas / 15.2 in extra urban areas / 22.5 combined; combined CO2 emissions g/km: 516; efficiency class: G

True beauty comes from within. The C bar is the longest light conductor you can find in a car #Chiron #ChironGlobalLaunch

How to get rid of 3,000 horsepower of heat effectively and look beautiful at the same time - the Chiron’s smashing cut-off rear end with the longest single beam taillight in a production car #Chiron #ChironGlobalLaunch

The #Chiron is a land-based jet @topgear #ChironGlobalLaunch

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