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A Tale of Three Stress Balls:
We used water beads and balloons to make stress balls and the kids loved them. Maybe too much... kid one promptly took his outside and tossed it at the pavement a little too rough - aaaaand water beads were all over the yard and street. Kid 2 was messing around with his when he was supposed to be going to bed and ended up with water beads all over the bed, the floor, in his toy boxes, in the closet - in the dark... needless to say we didn't dig them out til the next day. But kid 3 was the worst. She brought it to church unbeknownst to her parents, and I promptly took it away from her when it became a distraction. Did I tuck it in my bag for safe keeping? No. Did I take it out to the car to get rid of the temptation? No. I couldn't help squeezing it just a little right there in the general meeting of church, and just like that, right during someone's beautiful talk, the balloon burst... in front of the whole congregation - with water beads exploding from my hands in a pink and purple shower, raining down over three pews of people and rolling across the chapel in every direction. Kid 3 of course started crying. And the baby tried to grab all of them and throw them at people, because that's just what you do. I grabbed the baby and ran out to the hall, digging water beads from my cleavage and underwear. Moral? Anytime you see a video on Facebook and think "oh, that's cute, the kids would love that..." RUN. RUN AWAY. #mortified #wellthatwasexciting

I sure do hope they stay friends...

Warm enough for this in May... in Wisconsin??? Unheard of. #springinwisco

I guess we lost some pieces...

Closeup of the finished product. First time trying rubber cement watercolor resist. I need practice, but it's not bad 😬

Tried something new - rubber cement watercolor resist painting. It was challenging. I need work on getting the lettering smooth with my shaky old lady hands, but I was pleased with how the sky turned out! #watercolorresist

"I can hear the ocean!!" 😁🤣

"Mommy! I found shells!!"

What is this stuff? What am I supposed to do now??

She wasn't a huge fan of the sand either... #notabeachbabe #ew

She was NOT amused. #whatisthis??

Oooo, peeps. I got the tree of my dreams for Mother's Day this year! It's a magnolia - a "centennial blush"? I believe it's called? - and I'm in love.

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