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The sign of a successful nap. #bedhead #crazyhairdontcare #notmuchthere

This handsome dude...
Lately he's been um... "asserting his independence" in millions of ways - large and small. He refused haircuts for a very long time, but would rant and rave when it came time to tame the beast that was his hair. (And let me tell you, it WAS a beast... he has naturally very thick, curly hair and it was crazy). He finally admitted he'd like a cut. Wish I had a before shot...

Sylvie's new favorite word. (Besides "kitty")

Whoever thought these mother-loving "lenticular puzzles" were a good idea should be strung up by his toenails. Hardest stupid puzzle I've ever done because the dang picture on every ever-loving piece kept changing... of course, the whole stinking family gave up and left the, uh, DETERMINED one (aka stubborn) (aka me) to do it alone. I had to document its completion before I chuck it in the donate bin.

Also, apparently she is a #sillypants .

Axel liked splatter watercolor painting feathers for one of our spring garlands. The feathers came from @target and I love them!

Using all those #washitape circles to make a springy garland.

Hand lettering on distressed plank wood. I think I like it! For my sister-in-law - a strong cancer survivor.

Trying something a little different.

And now that song's stuck in your head.
#yourewelcome #cyndilauper #womensrights

When they got home from school, the big kids just had to make one too! #itsahit !

Apparently it's difficult to make the elephant sound while blowing into a straw. #kidcrafts

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