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Heidi Somers  I workout, eat donuts, & make YouTube videos.😛 Owner: @Buffbunny_Collection Athlete: @1upnutrition (code buffbunny) 600,000+ subscribers on YouTube⬇️

Bae helping me with my squats.😛
This is me squatting 175lbs. I did squat 185lbs as well but it wasn’t quite low enough sooooo I’m still working on it.😂 #BabySteps
I’m 110lbs and allllllmost 5’0 tall. Tiny little human. But I can throw some weight around so don’t mess with meeeee.😜
Lifting heavy doesn’t make you bulky. But it does make you strong as well as mold/shape your body. Don’t be afraid of the weights ladies!💕
Used my @1upnutrition preworkout to help me push through this lift session lol. Use my code for a discount: BUFFBUNNY

Look at that baby calf coming in 👀
Went to see my girl @jessikacarmen slay the stage yesterday at the San Antonio pageant and afterwards got in a workout. Lipstick and all lol. Making me feel all sauceyyyyyy. I don’t wear lipstick very often...usually red around Christmas time and that’s it. But I’m loving this orangey red color. 😛💄

Little physique update for the gram. Feeling better than everrrrrr! 💪🏽😁
This was after a sweaty gym session and in good lighting which is why my muscles are like HIII HELLOOOO! #HadToDocumentIt
Boyfriend was hyping me up behind the camera lol.😂
PS...peep the new @buffbunny_collection shorts (June launch)

This is me LIVING MY BEST LIFE✌🏽☀️
Splashing around in the Ocean wearing an over the top sparkly gown getting COMPLETELY soaked with sand all up in my hair.😊☀️💃🏼 #ExtraLevelsTimesTen #MermaidLife
Loved every minute of this.
More photos from this shoot on my Twitter “HeidiSomers”!

Hi. Hello. It’s Tuesday. What’s everyone’s goals this week?? Lemmeeee knowww! Because reading y’alls goals gives me life. And typing it out may help you stay accountable. 😏
I’ve been a busy little bee. 🐝
Flew to Punta Cana for a few days to work with a travel company and to get a lot of content (including two vlogs coming soon), flew straight to Birmingham from there and attended Bodypower & Muscle & Fitness magazine event, flew back into Houston last night and woke up this morning and did a live segment on Fox with @christianguzmanfitness going over fitness and nutrition! Heading back to San Antonio soon to go over some new samples that came in for @buffbunny_collection AND new flavors for the @1upnutrition Heidi Somers protein!! 😛 #ItsGonnaBeSoTasteyyyy #AndExtraaaaaaKewlllll #iFeelLikeTypingThisAllOutWasMyWayOfOrganizingMahhhhThoughts #SoThanksForListeningFamLol #LoveYall #ImJustSoDangGrateful #SoManyProjects #SoLittleTime #TakinOverTheWorldddd -

GET READY WITH US while DRINKING and story time featuring my dear friend @jessikacarmen 😂 Should we do more of them?
#TurnOffsInGuys #EmbarassingStories #DontBeFriendsWithYourEx #HowWeMet
#JessicasNewBoyfriend -
So much fun filming this hahaha. Sorry it’s not fitness related...wait actually...we drank Diet Coke with the whiskey soooooo....there you go! Fitness.🤷🏼‍♀️😂 The video is up on my channel so let me know what you think! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCHHHHH!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Pretty sure I would beat @christianguzmanfitness at arm wrestling. 💪🏽😜 JUST SAYINNNNNNNN
Made it to Birmingham for Bodypower! Details are in my story.

Tag a friend that needs this suit.
New YouTube video is up.😂
Trying on the ugliest swimsuits in the world, @1upnutrition announcement, full leg/glute workout, pre workout snack, business/life balance talk, anddddd more. 💁🏼‍♀️ #LoveYouFammmmmm #YouAllMakeMyHeartSoHappyyyyy

Leaving the Dominican Republic. BRB CRYINGGG. 😭 I was all about the music lol. This place is a DREAM! What is everyones dream vaca spot? Has anyone been to DR?
I danced bachata on a boat, zip lined into a lagoon, stayed away from the Mama Juana, fell asleep on a private island, made new friends, got spit on by a sting ray lol, got super close to a shark(but didn’t want to swim with them because all I could hear was the jaws theme song),laughed until I cried during the cocobongo show, did an epic photo shoot involving a gown(photos coming soon), and vlogged every bit of it.❤️
So very grateful for this experience and want to thank @barquillo_travel for making it possible!🙏🏽
Now off to Birmingham! 😜✌🏼

Smashed a leg session and ended my workout with some ABS. The gym at this resort is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL and I’m so grateful for it. Most places only have treadmills and if you’re lucky some free weights lol. Has anyone else experienced that?
I’ve been incorporating ab workouts at the end of my workouts lately (and because bae is looking all lean and yummy...can’t let him have all the shredssss.😜) I’ve been doing 2-3 AB exercises about 3x a week. Typically I like to do one for abs, one for obliques, and one for lower back. Ok..,I’m going to go eat now byeeeee.😛🍔

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