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Heidi Somers  I workout, own a business, & make YouTube vids.😛✌🏽 Owner: @Buffbunny_Collection Athlete: 1UpNutrition code BUFFBUNNY Watch my latest YouTube Vid!⬇️

Cannot put into words how amazing today was. OHHH MY WOW!😭❤️🙏🏽 THE MOST EPIC @buffbunny_collection POP UP MEET UP! SO MANY FEEEEELZ! #MermaidMadness

Physique update.
Been so busy with work but I’ve been prettyyyyyy on top of my workouts. I skipped a day or two or three workouts lol and my diet hasn’t been perfect BUT I have been consistent. One of my favorite tips to staying fit is to BE CONSISTENT. Don’t give up because you skipped a few workouts or caved and ate a full cake lol isssss alright. Nobody I know works out 7 days a week and eats a perfect diet.👏🏼 #YouGotThis
PS...just uploaded a YouTube video sharing all my favorite tips to getting fit!

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I just got back from the UK and I have a few days of trying to get my life together before the Edmonton (Canada) meet up this Saturday lol. Ahhhh so much to do and so little time! But here is a back workout I did that I LOVED. Mainly using the cables... so not alot of moving around the gym which is nice if you are on the shy side!
If you are wanting to lean out your back the most important rule is your DIET. You need to be in a caloric deficit in order to shed fat. You can’t pick and choose where you want fat to disappear from. Also, get into a routine at the gym and don’t skip back day (I have a free 30 day plan on my website you can download if you want something to follow)!
Straight Arm Pulldown: 4x12-15
Angled Cable Lat Pulldown: 4x12
Bent Over Cable Rows: 4x12
Back Extensions: 4x20 reps
Failed attempt at back extensions on Swiss ball lol I suck 😂
That’s it fam! Hope you like the workout and don’t forget to double tap if you want to see moreeee!☺️❤️
Outfit: @buffbunny_collection

Landed in Birmingham and as soon as we checked into our hotel we went straight to the gym. Exhausted and smelling like airplane. Took this photo mid workout (I’m literally mid T-Bar Deadlifts) and kept goin lol.😂 #ExcitedForWeekendActivities

Is this real life? Helllllooooooo???🙈
Was super excited when @muscleandfitnesshersuk reached out to me about doing this cover and spread! *Insert annoying girl scream*😂😂👏🏼
I always thought it would be fun to be on the cover of a magazine but have never had the opportunity but HERE I AM LIKE WHATTTTT MY FIRST COVER WOWOOWW!😭😭😭😭
I am flying out to Birmingham, UK at the moment to celebrate at their Pink Party event Friday night and I’ll be at their booth(Muscle&Fitness) on Saturday from 12-4 at @bodypowerexpo ! SEE YOU SOOOOON!

Had a lot of questions about my romper last night so I’m gonna outfit tag it! I feel like this Yellow/goldish color is a love or hate kinda thing. What do y’all think? 🤔 #ButThatWinterIsComingPhoneCaseThooooo #WhyDoiLookSoShortInSecondPhotoJeeeeez

I can finally breathe YA’LLLLLL! This launch was our biggest yet and such a success ahhhh. My boyfrannnnn is taking me out on a date to celebrate.😜🔥 #PSheWoreThatBeltToMatchMeeeeee

Choosing 10 of you to give $50 @buffbunny_collection giftcards tooooooo! All yaaaaa gotta do is LIKE this photo, TAG a friend, and make sure you’re FOLLOWING me. Dassssss it!! And then y’all get some goodiessssss for the launch this weekend!!😜✌🏽
PS...this Saturday is the biggest launch I’ve ever had for my collection and I’m nervous and excited and my stress levels have basically surpassed the highest levelzzzz but ISSSSS ok cause everything is good to go and set now!😂❤️
Wish me luck and pray for me and send positive vibes and go cry in a stress corner for me and throw some holy water my way lololol ok I’m done. LOVE YOU AND APPRECIATE YOU FAM!!

Just a girl wearing white trying to get it as dirty as possible by sitting on my car and the ground.😜👏🏼
This new outfit is launching May 4 who is readyyyyyyy??! May the 4th be with you. 😂
Should I do a giveaway for my next post?
#SurprisinglyOutfitWasUnharmed #MyBuffmobileWasSortaCleanThatDay #DatWhiteCamoTho #GuyssssiMadeDissss #FeelsSoGoodToSeeIdeasComeToLife

Watching Game of Thrones today with my dire wolf like...😜😂🐺 🍷
#WinterIsComing #WEREADYYYYYYY #gameofthrones

I got a good one.❤️

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