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❤️I have 2 words for people who do this to you ... bend over!!! Lol... if you, right this second, are doing or thinking ANYTHING based on what someone else might think, this is your friendly reminder to STOP that shit immediately and remember that YOU decide who YOU are. K??!! Are we on the same page now? You ready to shoves some boxes up some rear ends?? Go on now... get shovin'.... and have a freaking fantastic day DOING YOU❤️

❤️This slider assisted #oblique work is results driven and efficient ... with GOOD FORM! I've gone faster here than I normally would. Slightly lean / rotate onto one sits bone - same side as arm with slider. Maintain as long and stabilized a neutral spine as possible and that slider arm remains straight, with shoulder stabilized and drawn down and away from ear. Legs are long and activated. Use that breath!❤️

❤️Gotta use this fire pit for something! With feet elevated, this moves becomes even more of an ass ( or ab) kicker - the obvious, core ( esp. obliques ) gets seriously deep work ... but so do the adductors and shoulder girdle of the stabilizing arm and leg. Make sure you're properly aligned with shoulder directly over wrist and spine in a lengthened neutral. C-spine continues the same long neutral ( reach Long through crown of head ). Lift your side away from the ground ( mat ), create space between shoulders and ears and stay wide through the collar bone. Go baby GO!!!❤️

❤️Try this alternating with sets of straps over knees abs! So. Effective. Shoulders stabilized, length through back of neck, elbows aligned with lateral ribcage, CORE ENGAGED, legs activated, gaze is at knee level. Go GIT IT❤️

❤️Get your Monday CORE BURN ON!!! The variations using these light playground balls are endless - and if you're REALLY paying close attention to form and ACTIVELY engaging every vertebrae into the mat and scooping those abs ( when lying on back ), you will get ultimate results from far less reps! Doesn't get much better than that❤️

❤️...and the beach gonna LIKE IT, too!!! No matter where you are on your OWN journey, you GIT on that beach cartwheel all over it! Hell, skinny dip ... I won't tell❤️

❤️Oooooh I love a good deep core stabilization move and this one doesn't disappoint! Placing stabilizing foot up on the #ugifit ball kicks it up a few notches and also deepens the #glute work. I'm gently squeezing a light playground ball to fire the pecs, deepen core burn and stabilize the shoulders. Your shoulder bridge should be solid - long neutral spine, core deeply engaged, glutes firing and hips pressed up toward ceiling, before you lift the moving leg. Inhale leg toward chest with toes pointed, exhale down ONLY as far as parallel to the other leg, foot flexed - all the while, making SURE the hips stay parallel and fully extended. Nothing should budge but arms and moving leg. Try finishing each set off with "booty dips" - extend free leg to your best 90 degrees and lower bum half way and press back up through stabilizing glute. Burn it out, baby!!!❤️

❤️Instead of the usual hands on floor for single leg lifts, add a different dynamic with the bosu and equalizer bar! Now you're using a different group of muscles for stabilization. PULL down from bar, draw shoulders away from ears, abs in, elongate spine ( including neck! ), knee under hip, hands shoulder width. Have a great day, ya little badasses❤️

❤️Side leg lifts are one my my favorite ways to shape and strengthen the medial glutes, quads and obliques! Adding the light hand weight further challenges the core and shoulder stability. Free leg should be lengthened, activated and in line with the spine. Ribs wrapped in and down. Abs deeply engaged and drawing in toward spine. Supporting shoulder aligned over wrist. Shoulders stabilized down the back. YOU'RE TURN!!!❤️

❤️Good morning, Beauties .... hoping you have a happy, kick ass, belly laughs, backyard hammock, mimosa, sunshine, hugs and kisses kinda day❤️

❤️This progression focuses on core and adductor strengthening with a lil' shoulder stabilization thrown in for good measure :) Maintain a deeply stabilized, lengthened spine throughout❤️

❤️Alrighty, it's a new week! Whatcha gonna do? Hmmmmm??? You gonna step out of your comfort zone a bit? Be good to that beautiful bod of yours? Nourish yourself, try a new workout, laugh more, love harder, daydream, expect more of yourself, surround yourself with kick ass people and ignore all the BS? Sounds good to me! I'm with ya baby❤️

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