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❤️A lovely elongating, core and upper body strengthening chair flow. Spine gets a nice articulation between neutral and flexion. Just. Feels. GOOOOOD❤️

❤️So I haven't worked out since Wed, and I'm in full on pissy mode and feeling, well... ugh. When you take a longer break than usual, you realize how much your daily movement is connected to your feel good hormones! I need a maje dose of endorphins stat! So, rainy Monday, you bitch, you're not taking me down! I'm gonna smile, laugh with my clients, sweat, create and be grateful for the ability to do all of the above and so much more. Have you set your intentions yet for today? Doesn't even need to be anything profound ... just say it out loud so it's out there! Come on baby, yell it out! Your body and mind are listening❤️

❤️It's Friday!!!! Hang from the chandeliers, drink mamosas, look up at the stars, find shapes in the clouds, eat cold pizza for breakkie, swim naked, laugh hard, meditate, sleep during the afternoon, binge on Netflix, gossip with your girls.... whatever makes YOU happy, DO IT, K???!!!❤️

❤️It's amazing how much more I feel my core working to stabilize on the @vicorefitness Terracore! I find new ways everyday to incorporate it into my workouts. If you've been checking it out and plan on getting one, use my code BUFFCORE70 for a $70 discount! How awesome is that?! Link in bio. Keep on challenging yourself in new ways❤️

❤️One of my favorite " so much more than core " sequences - stabilizing leg and arm/shoulder get a great burn! It's easy to lose balance - believe me, I do all the time! Take it slowly and FEEL THE CORE ENGAGEMENT ... and don't be sinking into that supporting shoulder ❤️

Fuck perfection.
Fuck comparison.
Fuck being a follower.
Screw giving a rat's ass about other people's opinions of you. It's none of your beeswax. Let it go.
Start looking in the mirror and finding what you LOVE in that reflection.
Burn your scale.
Don't talk down to yourself - you'll start to believe it.
Take 10 minutes everyday to laugh your ass off at ridiculous memes.
Stop thinking you have to be a perfect parent. There's no such thing. Your kids need to learn that imperfection is human, healthy and character building.
Stop creating storylines in your head that haven't happened yet and probably won't.
Have sex. Often. Release those feel good hormones!
Put yourself first. It makes you a better person in every respect.
Speak your mind when it's necessary - with grace and quiet confidence.
Eat cake at midnight. 2 pieces.
Buy store made cookies for your kids' school bake sales. ( Ain't NOBODY got time! )
Cut the toxic people out of your life, they drag you down.
Give a stranger a compliment everyday.
Surround yourself with like-minded people who are already doing what you hope to do someday.
Find. Your. Tribe.
There are a zillion people out there offering programs and potions and systems and products. Find the one who makes you smile from the inside out...who gives you that feeling of unconditional support...who makes you laugh all the way down to your pinkie toes.
Find your proverbial set of big old balls and make big changes, even when your knees are knocking with fear.
Because the alternative is not even an option.
Don't put shit off.
Do one thing everyday to send you in the right direction.
No one knows you like you know you.
You've got a fire in you. An internal badass dying to get out.
So you're doing this.
In 3.......2.......1.......GO, BABY, GO!!!!!!!

❤NO ONE else can get me up early on a Sunday for this torture but these mamas!!! Oh, and we followed this with our first ever session of cryotherapy ... oh LAWDY, this ex-Canadian can't handle -150 degrees!!! Don't forget to save a little time to spend with your tribe, who makes you belly laugh while you're freezing your lady bits off in a nitrogen chamber ... good times❤

❤We all have days where we suddenly just hit a wall of exhaustion...I did today! Just woke up from a 90 min drooling sleep and woke up craving Greek quinoa salad. So I'm eating it. It's freaking yummy. We're not always great at listening to our bodies and most days we don't have the luxury of napping right in the middle of it. But when you can, pay attention to that bod of yours, it really does know what you need...now if you can excuse me, I'm about to inhale this❤

❤Although my partner @erinhuggins was clearly confused ( I told her devil horns far better suit me ... lol ) we are SO excited to be putting the finishing touches on our BURN & FIRM PILATES program with our SLAY SOCIETY FB Page!!! This is so, SO much more than getting fit, losing inches and seeing changes in the mirror. I mean, that's TOTALLY gonna happen ... but it's also about feeling more empowered, more badass, more comfortable in your own skin. It's about sharing experiences and knowledge and laughter - LIFE. It's about life as a whole, right?!? Because we're not just outer shells walking around, we are WHOLE human beings. We're mothers and wives and business owners and out in the work force or at home with kids, busting our asses to be everything to everyone. We want balance. We want to feel more alive. We want to set and crush goals! And that is what we shall do. One day at a time...together❤

❤One of my favorite combos to work the entire lateral aspect of the body - using a 2.5 lb ankle weight ( which feels like 15 lbs by the last leg lift! ). So much room for variation of movement here as well, so you can keep mixing it up❤

❤More arms and abs- this time arms are worked entirely with a resistance band, which I really love. If you're not using resistance bands, you're missing out on a whole other level of striating your muscles and challenging them with a different kind of resistance. I feel they aid with core engagement as well. Love the little buggers!❤

❤Quickie circuit today for arms and abs - did the trick! If you haven't tried adding a light resistance band like this into your free weight routine, you might likey! I love it - not only adds a little more resistance but also helps you "track" properly through range of motion and feels supportive. Hope you all had a great start to your week❤

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