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❤️Because Mondays are for laughing ... P.S. To my clients, these are all fictional characters so don't think they're based on you! Lol! Actually, if I had to choose, you're all Brittney, cuz I KNOW how much y'all LOVE the hundred❤️

❤️I love fusing Pilates and fitness - and applying your Pilates movement principles to any physical modality will only improve your performance as well as results❤️

❤️Full body, core-centric movement! It's not a bad idea to use a more stable surface to place hands on ( i.e. an elevated box or table like a Pilates Cadillac ) - but if you do use an equalizer bar, please make sure your shoulders are stacked over wrists and bar and don't shift your weight :) Upper body and core get serious work through stabilization and the quads on the leg pressing into the ball will be on fire! Enjoy that❤️

❤️Because SOMETIMES ya JUST need to laugh...am I right?!❤️

❤️You can 🎶point your toes 🎶 but please keep your ( thoracic and c-spine ) in activated flexion ;) HELLO #innerthighs and #abs !!! This DELISH move is a testament to slow, deliberate movement and good form. I'm on one white spring - sometimes I'll do a blue - but too heavy and you tend to grip in the shoulders and neck trying not to be pulled on an angle. You want the target muscles doing their job and not getting kicked out by those bully accessory muscles! Keep a little space between chin and chest to maintain length in the back of the neck. Magnetize your spine to the mat ( box ), pull shoulders down back, and pause in adduction for an extra second of inner thigh toning and abdominal scooping❤️

❤️Oh, just hangin' out @bootybarre style! With proper alignment, stabilization and muscle recruitment, just actively holding this position should have you trembling in no time...adding pulses in releve will striate and burn those thighs❤️

❤️Love this movement that strengthens #obliques, adductors, #shoulders and #triceps ... on the exhale, drive through the obliques and shoulder press simultaneously and hold at max range of motion for triceps extension. If you go slow and steady and connect deeply, your core will thank you❤️

❤️Some days all I wanna do is stay home and nibble this little shmushy face...good for the soul❤️

❤️Who doesn't have that toppling over, leaning tower of Pisa, pile of tees you'll never wear but can't give away?! P.S. I have nothing to wear today...time to tee shirt shop❤️

❤️This is a serious, deep core burn when executed slowly and with precision and good form. Beginning with head, neck and upper shoulders lifted off the mat - abdominals deepening each vertebrae into the mat, arms hovering at side, pressing long into the ( 3lb ) hand weights. Legs extended, actively adducted and lowered where you can maintain spinal connection to mat with effort. THEN you get to move! As you lift long arms to circle, ribs wrap in and down and abs draw in even deeper - this anchors the movement of the arms and is what effectively strengthens your core... circling is followed by three controlled, slow "pulses" initiated by core, not overcompensated with hip flexor firing ( they should be working in unison, but think core first! ) ❤️

❤️Love working upper body in side plank because its such good #core work! Align. Stabilize. Breathe. Be aware of every muscle you need to engage, be it a stabilizer or a mover. I have this band tied to my spin bike...works great! Door knobs are good too, just make sure the door is shut... hahaha...go on now, WORK IT BABY!!!❤️

❤️My Ab Finisher today courtesy of the always amazing @seanbergara ( dude, I luv ya, but right now I wanna cry! ) ... I showed a progression in difficulty in the second version and I highly recommend not saving this till the end of your workout like I did ... lol ... you want maximal strength and stability for this advanced move. I'm on one white spring ( 1/4 strength ). FORM TIPS ( and y'all KNOW how critical this is ): keep shoulder stacked over elbow - you're gonna want to throw your weight forward and use momentum and accessory muscles to draw the legs in. Use your core! Lift up and into your abdominals, round your back and rotate your upper body keeping elbow wide and shoulders down. HOLD at maximal flexion for 3 solid seconds before SLOWLY releasing, resisting with your core. Yeah, I know, I didn't hold... I was flipping tired, K?!? Lol... this is a great move to chip away at. Thank you Sean, for making my core scream❤️

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