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❤️I don't think I have one level square foot of land, so I have me arse nestled into a little pothole here... lol... please forgive the readjustments :) Soooo #teasertuesday isn't exactly my fave ... or my second, fifth or 29th fave ... teasers are my nemesis! If you have a body, you have imbalances - especially if you have accumulated years of athletic training ( for me, about 400,000 hard falls on the ice figure skating ). I know, though, that all the moves I loathe are the ones I need most to work through - so here is my variation of #teaser work. If you close up, you'll probably see me crying a bit.. Lolol❤️

❤️Lovely little flow targeting the upper back while simultaneously strengthening the lower body and core. Stabilize the scapulae ( maintain space between shoulders and ears ). When you exhale and press the hips forward, FIRE into your glutes and WRAP your ribcage in and down as you open the arms. Core remains deeply engaged❤️

❤️We've all wasted time trying to capture someone else's magic, when all along we've had our own. Dig deep and find it. Trust it. Embrace it. Cultivate it. Own it. Someone else doesn't like it? Well f*ck them. It's really that simple. It's your time to shine❤️

❤️Best workout accessory on the market! #frenchbulldog #frenchielove #pigdogs❤️

❤️I've GOT to stop doing that. Next time, for sure. Like, probably. Depending on how much of a sh*tfest the mess is. I mean, I can only walk away from so much. I'll just wait and straighten up a bit more when no one is watching. Or I'll just do it my damn self. Yep, that's how it's gonna go ❤️

❤️Side plank with a rotational variation...just feels good. Focus on stability through your supporting shoulder, length through the spine and a deeply engaged core ❤️

❤️Balls everywhere!!! Yippeeee! Lol ... but seriously, I love these balls. I'm supporting myself on the #ugiball which is a surprisingly challenging little 12 lb squishy ball that forces you to recruit deep stabilizers. Light playground ball between knees making adductors scream. It's good times! Maintain a long, neutral, stabilized ( fancy way of saying engage your abs! ) spine, lengthen through the back of the neck and reach long through the crown of the head. Stabilize those shoulders down the back and align shoulders over wrists, knees under hips. Go baby!!!❤️

❤️Shorty get LOW, low, low, low, low, low, low,lowwwwwww!!!! The first of the two moves will set your #quads and #glutes on FIRE if you stay LOW as you transition from full squat to split squat. If you ate your wheelies, feel free to add a kettle bell for added resistance. Paired with a quick cardio move, this little #superset will produce results❤️

❤️Love this little superset for the ease of transition from upper body and core strengthening to cardio blast ... if you're able to do a full push-up with good form, go on with ya badass self!❤️

❤️Hey guys! Spreading the word for a beloved colleague who had her account suddenly deactivated with no explanation ... if you're wondering where @nancy.castiglioni has gone, here's her back up account until things get sorted out❤️

❤️You gonna let people tell you what you SHOULD be, or are you gonna SHOW people who you ARE??!! You're in control, baby girl❤️

❤️So I bought this big, multiple parts spiralizer ... and it's still in the box. Thank God for pre-spiralized veggies in the Lazy Ass Mom section of my grocery store!!! Those of you who know me, know I'm not cooking unless there are less than 5 ingredients, it takes less than 15 mins start to finish and it can be done in one pan or pot...that's just the way it's gonna be! This is a favorite and meets all the aforementioned requirements ... spiralized butternut squash and zucchini, heirloom cherry tomatoes, pre-grilled and diced chicken and a crap ton of baby spinach, sautéed in evoo and pesto - topped with crumbled feta. Freaking delish, so filling, full of nutrients and fiber and low cal. Normally I'll add soba noodles to it for extra carbs but it's Saturday and I'm not boiling water :) Besides, I have a locally made blueberry and peach parfait in coconut cream with cacao nibs with my name all over it. I get requests for me to post more food I eat, but honestly, it's usually so boring ( grilled chicken, sweet potato and green beans kind of boring ) that I don't bother... but this was yummy and pretty enough to pass along! Hope you're filling your bellies with yummy food this weekend❤️

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