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Michelle Laframboise  🔹Pilates and Master Booty Barre Instructor🔹Burn and Firm Pilates🔹Owner of The Pilates Barre🔹#FMFoundingMember🔹RN🔹Fitness Lover 🔹Nutrition Coach


❤️I may not know what to do with a giant zucchini ( I hear you snickering ) but I can make a mean ass smoothie! My FAVE #smoothie lately is this little power packed beauty ... here's the recipe:
🔹One small banana
🔹One scoop choc whey isolate ( of course, use your fave protein powder - if possible, no artificial anything )
🔹One tbsp ground chia seeds 🔹One tbsp organic, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil 🔹2 handfuls frozen organic kale 🔹One tbsp natural almond butter 🔹Handful of Ice 🔹Unsweetened, carrageenan free almond milk, to desired consistency. Sooooo good and sooooo good for you❤️

❤️Zucchini anyone?!? No seriously, who's gonna help me eat this thing??? Lol! Time to get creative in the kitchen ... cuz I'm so good at that ( I'm not )... so sautéed zucchini 3 X / day it is ❤️

❤️I love this movement done slowly and feeling every mover and stabilizing muscle at work...extending the hips from a single leg is such effective glute and hammy work AS LONG AS you maintain a neutral spine and deeply engaged core so you don't "throw" yourself up by arching the lower back. Using a light ball between knees not only strengthens the adductors, but aids in deeper abdominal engagement. Pay attention to the ASIS bones remaining parallel throughout - you even get good upper back and tricep work by actively engaging the scapulae down the back and pressing palms into the mat. You can make ANY movement 100% more results producing when you learn to be aware of your form from head to toe❤️

❤️Monday always feels like a chance for a fresh start ... so we can either curl up into a ball ( which believe me, I definitely do from time to time! ) or lift your chest to the sky and tell the Universe to bring on all the good shit, cuz you're READY for it!!! What are you ready for today? Go on.... tell the Universe ... it just might be listening❤️

❤️Nice little core - centric ( as always! ) full body flow ... make sure you're well aligned and stabilizing every movement from the depths of your core❤️

❤️Even better than a spaghetti noodle ... no better way to share these kick ass sweet potato fries with my lil' muffin face❤️

❤️Instead of drawing up into a classic "pike" in a neutral spine and pelvis, try remaining in a softly flexed spine and imprinted pelvis and "scoop" up into the lower abdominals ... change is good❤️

❤️When it comes to core work, it's always quality over quantity...this is one of the most challenging moves for me because of the slow, precise movement and being constantly vigilant of an active engagement of each vertebra into the mat and complete head/neck/shoulder/trunk stability against movement of the lower body ( your long lever ). With EVERY inch you move, engage core even deeper... flatten the abdominals into the mat...pull shoulders away from ears... stay flexed "up and over the bra strap"... actively adduct the legs and reach them long. Results lie in your form❤️

❤️Yep, breakfast skills are on point this Monday morning❤️

❤️Aaaaand it's a wrap when your Frenchie starts sniffing around the cleavage ... lol... you think you get nothing accomplished with kids around? Get one of these little barnacles and see how much progress you make!❤️

❤️You never know what's going on beneath the surface of people. We make so many ( often subconscious ) snap judgements based on what we see in the first nanosecond our eyes start taking it all in. I woke up this morning with my herniated disc in my neck throbbing, along with a muscle tear in my left hammie/ glute attachment... and wondering when I'm going to successfully eradicate 2+ year struggle with intestinal bacterial overgrowth that has managed to cause significant muscle wasting, weakness, fatigue and more. I'm disclosing this not in order to self-indulgently whine or receive sympathy ... no way! ... but to say... I know you have things going on underneath your surface as well. I know you have your own struggles and fears and frustrations. I'm about to start a whole new adventure with my kickass partner @erinhuggins - an online Pilates based fitness and nutrition program and I'm desperately trying to fix this body... but this shit ISN'T stopping me from chasing my passions. So don't let YOUR shit stop YOU!!! We'll never be perfect but no one can steal our passion. Be a stubborn bitch and don't you dare give up! I'm moving my achy ass now and doing something with this day! And I hope you and your ass are gonna do the same... big hugs, baby❤️

❤️Werk that mat!!! Love this little flow for core strengthening, spinal articulation and elongation and a little tricep burn for the cherry on top❤️

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