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Buffalo Kloof Game Reserve  Home to many of the South African fauna and flora species 🍃 ❌ Our Rhino horns are infused 🦏 Eastern Cape, SA 🐘🇿🇦

Awesome footage from @stratihov of this big guy 🐆🐆 #cheetah wildlife #NatGeo #SA #safari #Big5 #EasternCape

We are delighted to announce that our recently acquired cheetah has just been released out of its enclosure. For the first time in 200 years the world's fastest land animal, and South Africa's second-most endangered carnivore is roaming freely on Buffalo Kloof. Born free!! #buffalokloofprivategamereserve #cheetah #spottedcats #bigcats #proudlyeasterncape #safari #easterncape #conservation #wildlife #bornfree

Today for the first time Rosy bought her baby out to show us. This little girl brings new hope 🌍🦏 #SaveOurRhino #Rhino #Wildlife #SA #newbaby #BK

Baby elephant receiving a dusting lesson from mom. 🐘 Elephants enjoy showering by sucking water into their trunks and spraying it all over themselves. Afterward, they often spray their skin with a protecting layer of dust, which cools them off and protects their skin from the sun and parasites 🍃. #elephants #africa #safari #SA #ThisIsAfrica #travel #babyElephant

Yesterday Buffalo Kloof joined in the celebration of world cheetah day. With a top speed of 110km/hr these remarkable cats are the world’s fastest land animals. Sadly, they are also Africa’s most endangered big cat species. We are therefore all the more delighted play our part in the conservation of these extraordinary hunters by re-introducing cheetah back into the region for the first time in 200 years #buffalokloofprivategamereserve #worldcheetahday #spottedcat #proudlyeasterncape #easterncape #safari #southafrica #bigcats photo creds: @stratihov

Our Elephant relocation two years ago has brought so much positive energy into the reserve, from the dung Beatles to the termites, the natural bush clearing that they do opening up new areas for the smaller antelope to access areas. Yesterday we found them happily foraging in the south of the reserve -🐘🐘

On Monday 26 November, Buffalo Kloof team members proudly participated in the march against rhino poaching in Grahamstown.
The protest took place in response to the current Ndlovu trial, where a gang of three stand accused of 50 rhino poaching charges over the past five years. The message conveyed was that rhino poaching will not be allowed in our province, and certainly not under our watch! For us at Buffalo Kloof, this was yet another opportunity to demonstrate our strong commitment to conservation and our zero-tolerance attitude toward the poaching of our wildlife.

#notinourprovince #stoprhinopoaching #thisstopsnow #proudlyeasterncape #buffalokloofprivategamereserve

Extreme Graphic Warning - don't report the world needs to see. This is why we fight. Thank you @samkolder
and the @karmagawa team for giving our rhino a voice. We look forward to when you come visit us again!!
@Regran_ed from @samkolder - ⚠️WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠️
With roughly over a thousand Rhinos being killed each year and only 5,000 black rhinos left they are now critically endangered and based on statistics can go extinct within the next 5 years if we don't act now. This is the real world and the graphic images in this video are as real as it gets. Ive personally been heavily impacted by this issue this year and believe that this is something the world NEEDS to see. Fortunately we still have the opportunity to reverse what we've done and restore the population of these beautiful creatures back to normal but we need everyones help! Organizations like @vetpaw and the other ones listed on thewaragainstpoaching.com can use as much financial support as possible to operate and expand their operations at this time. If you want to be a part of saving these incredible creatures the first step is to share this video. The second step is to choose an organization on our site or any credible charity that is working with rhino conservation and donate! These people are devoting their lives to helping these animals and NEED as much help as they can get at this time! @karmagawa has donated $250,000 to @vetpaw already and I'm adding another $10,000 because I want to keep this ball rolling and i beleive we can win this war! Let's use our platforms to serve a bigger purpose and win this war!! All details in the link in my bio! ❗️ - #regrann #VETPAW #counterpoaching #antipoaching @elenshow - #regrann

Amidst South Africa’s uncertain political climate, we at Buffalo Kloof are grateful that our application to obtain ‘protected area’ status has been successful. This means that we have legal recognition, endorsed by the South African government, that Buffalo Kloof is an area worthy of being protected and preserved in its natural state, free from interference in the form of land claims, urbanisation etcetera.

#buffalokloofprivategamereserve #conservationwithclass #proctectedarea #easterncape #souhtafrica #safari #wildlifecustodians

It’s been nearly two hundred years since the flightless dung beetle last worked this habitat - we take great pleasure in presenting this photo of a beetle hard at work - another species that is under threat and very vulnerable- they are dependent on two vertebrae , Elephant and Buffalo and are under threat due to habitat shrinkage and are a IUCN vulnerable species .
Since the introduction of our Elephant we are seeing more and more of these busy Beetles at work .

Last week was an incredible week for @buffalokloofprivategamereserve and our rhino protection program. We had the teams from @karmagawa the @rhinorescueproject
and @vetpaw with us to treat a number of our white rhinos. Their horns were infused (infusing means injecting the horns with toxins and dye to render the horns valueless). VETPAW (US combat veterans) are responsible for all our counter poaching and security on the reserve. All made possible from the team from @karmagawa and @therealtarzann. Your trip reminded us why we cannot give up and why we have to do everything in our power to protect our beautiful rhino.

What a wonderful video from @samkolder
and @johnny_fpv
#rhino #counterpoaching #antipoaching #poachers #poaching #rhinos #rhinohorn #VETPAW #veterans #infusion

One of our little new additions to the Buffalo Kloof family. Isn't she so cute?

@Regran_ed from @alisonmorrowtv - If you can watch this video without smiling, something is wrong with your noggin! 😜 We saw the CUTEST BABY ELIE at @buffalokloofprivategamereserve roll in dirt yesterday while the herd ate. 🐘😍 Some estimate 100 elephants are killed by poachers everyday in Africa. My husband’s anti-poaching team is working extra hard here right now, as they’re in the full moon cycle which floods the land with dangerously bright natural light. 🌔
#elephants #babyelephant #cutewildlife #wildlife #conservation #antipoaching #counterpoaching #endangeredspecies #endangeredanimals #ivory #naturephotography #nature #wildlifephotography #babyanimals #africa #africanwildlife #africanelephant @buffalokloofprivategamereserve - #regrann

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